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Play Accelerator Accelerator Apr. 19, 2014
I know i shouldn't be playing that much when I am 3rd on the harder 100 speed rankings.
Play Kings Of The Realm Kings Of The Realm Apr. 15, 2014
Th main issue with that NachtNebel is that the game was purposely designed NOT to have any of those. I believe it's designed to keep checking back regularly so that you can keep working on things.
Play Kings Of The Realm Kings Of The Realm Apr. 14, 2014
To you @stufor213 , That makes no sense whatsoever. Protection stops people from attacking you, and when you attack another player or go to claim a resource THE SHIELD GOES AWAY. If you can't retaliate then it means that the guy who's attacking you is also being attacked by someone else, therefore getting shielded. So if anything they're likely doing worse off than you.
Play Kings Of The Realm Kings Of The Realm Apr. 12, 2014
Just so you know guys sometimes the spinning circle thing tends to hang from 20 seconds- 5 minutes depending on connection and all those lovely things.
How can I get the badge without the "decision making" upgrade??
Play Sands of the Coliseum Sands of the Coliseum Jun. 02, 2012
I have an infinite loop where one of my companions and the last of the enemy are just using crowd appeal. Now it won't let me forfeit -_-
Play Rebuild 2 Rebuild 2 Feb. 10, 2012
Why did all my guys commit suicide after I killed that gang?
Play Scoobydoo Parking Lot Scoobydoo Parking Lot Jan. 24, 2012
Oh, it's a website. No wonder they all looked suspicious
Play Stack It Up Stack It Up Jan. 24, 2012
This is an obvious copy off a game that was posted just before this one. I'm gonna rate the other one high and this low since I don't want 2 of these on the front page
Play Stack It Up Stack It Up Jan. 24, 2012
I wonder who copied off who...
Play Awesome game Awesome game Jan. 24, 2012
P.S It's not crappy P.S.S I was talking about the first angry white block.
Play Awesome game Awesome game Jan. 24, 2012
@darkjonas8 There's a difference between parkour and platformers, you know. This is a platformer. Very good for a first game. Quick suggestion though, make the angry white block(s) kill you. 3/5
Play BeGone: Guerra BeGone: Guerra Jan. 23, 2012
I like it when I play a game i like for a while then come back when it has badges, It gives you both.
Play Growth Growth Jan. 23, 2012
So, the little light green pixel in the middle of the screen grows? Good enough for meh :D
Play One Chance One Chance Jan. 23, 2012
Can you play twice on the kongregate version?
Play Battle Dawn Battle Dawn Jan. 21, 2012
I'm glad this isn't the actual battledawn's servers. otherwise, it's have thousands of players
Play Antimatiere Antimatiere Dec. 19, 2011
@ericbloedow they're infinite. I do know what you mean tho...
Play Aurora Aurora Dec. 19, 2011
@soisyoface Because everything is based depending on the exact position of the sun :D
Play Evolved Infantry Two Evolved Infantry Two Oct. 15, 2011
more stuff to do? multi? good proto so far =D 2/5 for pretty much nothing to do
Play Dead Drunk 1.3 Dead Drunk 1.3 Oct. 14, 2011
when the heck did anyone jump across streetlights, go through a sewer and climb stairs to get to a pub anyway?