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Picture is a Cownose Ray Fish, It’s face is weird and amusing, that’s all

You’ll usually find me in the chat room Gnarly Argle Ska, I’ve been there since about November 2010
Game Favorites~
Most Beautiful/Artistic – Memohuntress or William And Sly (Tough Pick)

Best Sports Game – Crunchball 3000

Best Pixel – MoneySieze

Simple But Creative- YFYIAR

Best Zombie – Rebuild

Best Quickie Game – No Time To Explain

Funniest Game(s) – Debatable, The Reincarnation and The Several Journey’s of Reemus series both amuse me

Best Strategy – Civilization Wars

Cutest – I Saw Her Standing There or Fishing Girl

Best Escape: Samsara Room, quite mad, the whole thing, mad.

Best Holiday Themed: Haunt The House

Favorite Developers: LunaDrift, Zeebarf, 2DArray, EvilDog, sarahnorthway, Kajenx, scriptwelder, ImpendingRiot, Jiggmin
“There are two types of people on planet Earth, Batman and Iron Man. Batman has a secret identity, right? So Bruce Wayne has to walk around every second of every day knowing that if somebody finds out his secret, his family is dead, his friends are dead, everyone he loves gets tortured to death by costumed supervillains. And he has to live with the weight of that secret every day. But not Tony Stark, he’s open about who he is. He tells the world he’s Iron Man, he doesn’t give a shit. He doesn’t have that shadow hanging over him, he doesn’t have to spend energy building up those walls of lies around himself. You’re one or the other – either you’re one of those people who has to hide your real self because it would ruin you if it came out, because of your secret fetishes or addictions or crimes, or you’re not one of those people. And the two groups aren’t even living in the same universe.” -David Wong, This Book Is Full Of Spiders
Every Waking Second (For her)

Beauty isn’t her gorgeous body
Or her vast bright blue eyes
It’s not a dozen bright red, flawless roses
Or the sparkling diamond ring
Beauty is having your arms wrapped around her body
It’s gazing deep into those bright blue eyes
It’s not the flawless roses, its watching her wake up next to them
Or the diamond ring, but the smile on her face when it’s on her finger
It’s not the sunset sky streaked with shades of orange
Or nightfall, when the moon is full and the stars are overhead
It’s spending those moments with her every waking second
~Qftcu, L.C.S
“Its sad when friends become enemies. But whats even worse is when they become strangers.” -Hayley Nicole Williams

“I think that if every girl thinks theres another girl out there who bitchier then her, then it’ll work.” -HNW

“When I listen to music these days, and I hear Pro Tools and drums that sound like a machine – it kinda sucks the life out of music.” -Dave Grohl

“Something coming back from the dead was almost always bad news. Movies taught me that. For every one Jesus you get a million zombies.” -David Wong

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