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Play Overlod Overlod Sep. 16, 2014
You should copy more of AdVenture Capitalist's UI. For example, don't give us "2 billions"; first of all, billion is the plural of billion, so it's 2 billion, and secondly, you should give us 3 decimal places of accuracy, so 2.307 billion, for example.
Developer response from Talesay

Hey, you are right (not a native english speaker, so I didn't know: http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/billion ), will push it alongside the next update. I'm gonna stay away from the decimal places of accuracy for the next couple of hours, because it will be a little more complicated. But I'll do it ;)

Play Building Rush Building Rush Sep. 16, 2014
Why is there no way to reset upgrades?
Play Abyss Walker: The Lost Island Abyss Walker: The Lost Island Sep. 09, 2014
Frenzy skill doesn't work, just tested it against the goddess boss - every third attack dealing 15% of her health should have killed her in a maximum of 21 strikes, but it did not.
Play Spirits of Elduurn Spirits of Elduurn Sep. 08, 2014
I'm bumping my rating up a star due to how amazingly responsive the developer is to user feedback.
Developer response from Metzinsoft

Thanks, I was wondering if it was good to reply to everything or just annoying, ha.

Play Spirits of Elduurn Spirits of Elduurn Sep. 08, 2014
The 'r' key should restart. It's always true in any game remotely similar to this. How are people still making games where 'r' does not restart?
Developer response from Metzinsoft

Mainly because we don't usually make games like this. Thanks for the feedback and we will get that added in the next update.****************** "r" to restart was added in today's update.

Play Inner Demon Inner Demon Aug. 13, 2014
Why is there a big 'MORE GAMES' button in the middle of every level, obscuring some of the map?
Developer response from trynewgames

I can't replicate that - does it happen every time?

Play Inner Demon Inner Demon Aug. 13, 2014
This game was great until timing puzzles were introduced. Why do makers of puzzle games so often forget what makes their game great by needlessly adding reaction exercises to an otherwise intellectual game?
Play Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story Aug. 11, 2014
Such *incredible* lag.
Play Simple Squares: The Game about Squares Simple Squares: The Game about Squares Aug. 08, 2014
'R' should reset. In every puzzle game. No exceptions.
Play DPS Idle DPS Idle Aug. 04, 2014
Sorcerer special seems buggy - no matter how much energy I have, it's never enough to use the special. Currently have 485 energy and can't cast it.
Play Escape to Hell Escape to Hell Jul. 30, 2014
Why is it only Rampage missions don't save progress properly? It's incredibly frustrating to have to start over murdering baddies on death when every other type of mission counts each completed floor as progress.
Play The Lord of the Tower The Lord of the Tower Jul. 29, 2014
"Context3D error: Error #1063" Such a powerful message. Kinda wish there was a playable game here, though.
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Jul. 24, 2014
Wayyyyy too much of the game is spent grinding those thieves in the sewers for negligible gold to afford the next real dungeon delve.
Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Jul. 07, 2014
This game would be strictly better if you could save at any time, rather than being restricted to save points.
Play Spiral Drive Spiral Drive Jul. 03, 2014
Really, really aggravating that the same inputs are used to tell my ships where to go and to gather them up, making it basically impossible to pull an individual ship out of a swarm.
Play Monster Bark Monster Bark Jul. 03, 2014
Level 27 is awful - not puzzle based at all, and entirely based on manipulating the game's timer, which wouldn't be so bad if you could save partial progress. It's way too frustrating to have to redo the whole level over and over to get the timing right. :'(
Play Droid Team 1 Droid Team 1 Jul. 02, 2014
Why does the game sometimes ignore the space bar and move the droid when you hold space and hit an arrow? Why is there no way to remap the controls, like every game ever made should have?
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 02, 2014
Man, this game has a lot of bugs.
Play A Kitty Dream A Kitty Dream Jul. 01, 2014
Sadly, everything about the gem you can only get by dashing between the ceiling and floor spikes is the underlying flaw in most games in this genre - frustration based on save points rather than real challenge.
Play Idle Mine EX Idle Mine EX Jul. 01, 2014
The typo of boron -> baron is pretty funny, but the mis-spelled element isn't wearing a top hat. :'(