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Play Bloons Monkey City Bloons Monkey City Dec. 20, 2014
Ninja monkey for life yo!
Play Cursed Treasure 2 Cursed Treasure 2 Sep. 07, 2013
@Jesto that works great, thanks
Play Min Hero: Tower of Sages Min Hero: Tower of Sages Aug. 18, 2013
Needs a clean up in a few places. Shouldn't it say "increases xp gained by 25%" instead of "increases your xp to 25%"? Also, are eggs randomized? Or do I get a specific minion from an egg? Other than the getting stuck inside of things and having to reload, its a pretty good game. Fun, quick, and hits the right spot.
Play Dawn of the Dragons Dawn of the Dragons Aug. 11, 2013
@eyhey34 thats actually a pretty good idea
Play Arcane Weapon Arcane Weapon Aug. 08, 2013
its like you took out all the fighting game bs and just made all my moves supers and ultras, i liked it.
Play The Bravest Hunter The Bravest Hunter Jul. 19, 2013
A Lvl 4 Just came a instantlly killed 2 of my group in 1 hit and he was supposedly half my lvl. I dare say you guys over powered the boss just to pad out the length of the game through grinding just to get stronger to beat the boss that is supposedly half your lvl. Seems pretty cheap.
Play The Peacekeeper The Peacekeeper Jul. 13, 2013
My only complaint is the upgrades arnt to entirely noticeable. With the exception to grenades/emp/health, nothing feels like an upgrade.
Play Dragon Pals Dragon Pals Jul. 13, 2013
Its like im playing wartune all over again, except this is game seems to play itself way more than that game. pay 2 win included. Ive learned my lesson from the last game you guys made, ill pass. Cant wait to see what kind of scantily clad girls you have in your ads calming this is some sort of adult game, stuff was funny when you did it for wartune.
Play The Peacekeeper The Peacekeeper Jul. 13, 2013
This game was better than expected. Time to continue keeping the peace.
Play Mutant Badlands Mutant Badlands Jul. 09, 2013
Holy sweet jesus. I just barley noticed you were the same dudes that made zoimbie pandemic. Did you guys just lazily make the same game with a few skin changes? Even the fight music the damn same. Really now I bet it has the same problems as the last damn game. Come on man at least try to make a different game.
Play Mecha Galaxy Mecha Galaxy Jul. 08, 2013
Wow. Ive seen games graphically less than this eat up a ton of memory for no reason what so ever. Good job on making it pretty damn smooth.
Play Highway of the Dead Highway of the Dead Jul. 06, 2013
Short, fun, and good. Great job, I felt the length appropriate as I was happy with it while wanting more, and never asking myself "how much more of this is there?" Good job on this.
Play Zombie Shoot Zombie Shoot Jul. 06, 2013
Feels like way to much of a grind for little result.
Play The funeral corpse The funeral corpse Jul. 06, 2013
Straight up just ripping off art and models.
Play Zombie Pandemic Zombie Pandemic Jul. 02, 2013
Even in the middle of a battle, I keep getting the bloody pop up telling me that I am out of SP. I know already, you told me every time I made any action, I get it. Im done with this game. SP is just to ridiculously small, it feels like Im always low. And the constant pop up telling me to buy the premium item to refill it does not help.
Play Zombie Pandemic Zombie Pandemic Jul. 02, 2013
You don't need to constantly tell me I am out of SP when I am in a store buying and selling things, that is just frustrating.
Play Alien Anarchy Alien Anarchy Jun. 16, 2013
great music
Play Warfare: 1917 Warfare: 1917 Jun. 08, 2013
Tank spam and fire support only on the last level did the job and made it fairly easy.
Play Planet Wars Planet Wars May. 31, 2013
@Sleepingpill: you can replay missions, just hit the menu button in the briefing screen, and go back and select which mission to replay from there. And I never had trouble with spiders spawning faster than you can kill them really, seems like the spawners have a certain weak point that destroys them rather fast once you figure it out.
Play Planet Wars Planet Wars May. 31, 2013
The orbital strike is weird, is it just supposed to fall and hit on the opposite side of the screen like that? Would be nice to control it a little. Hotkeys would also do this game good. Having fun so far, gun customization is great. Although I do Have a problem where I refreshed the page once and it just restarted me on lvl 1.