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Play Block REvolt Block REvolt May. 27, 2015
Vaguely reminds me of another game, but I can't quite but my finger on it's name...
Play Egg Knight Egg Knight May. 25, 2015
Good game, but sometimes I feel like I'm just farming for eggsp
Developer response from GoodyPundit

eggsp! *noted that

Play Super Anxiety Force DX Super Anxiety Force DX May. 24, 2015
Oh my god Should I close the game or keep going I don't know if it's over or not What if it's not over, people will just think I don't have any patience! But if it is over, people will be like, "what's that guy doing, the game's clearly over". What should I do what should I do WHAT SHOULD I DO?!???!?????
Play Footprints Footprints May. 21, 2015
Nice game, but really needs a back 1 move option.
Play Escape From Denial Escape From Denial May. 21, 2015
I am not escaping I am not escaping I am not escaping I am not escaping...
Play Super Awesome Super Awesome May. 17, 2015
"first game"
Developer response from leaghorn

Yep. I started making it in January 2014. Besides graphics that needs upgrading I'm very close to the finish. Meanwhile I also made two Ludum Dare entrys in December'14 and April'15 but thats just fun to make a game in 48 hours. Although I did learned a lot during these Ludum Dares :)

Play Give Up 2 Give Up 2 May. 17, 2015
Yes, people, the game is supposed to be hard. So stop complaining about the obstacles! Sawblades/axes are avoidable with skill, people have done deathless runs before. Saying they make the game impossible is idiotic, because they don't. They make it harder, more unpredictable. And, again, believe it or not, this game is supposed to be hard. Okay, that's a lie. It's supposed to be REALLY EASY. All you have to do is click the big blue button at the bottom of your screen, the one that says GIVE UP.
Play My First Game My First Game May. 17, 2015
Oh I found level 3, you have to go to the top of the platform on the right of level 2, then sprint as fast as you can, jumping over holes, to level 1, then to the top of the platform on the left, and land while holding down so you slide a little, if you do it right you should fall down into level 3. +1 so others can see!
Play Give Up 2 Give Up 2 May. 15, 2015
Game: MY GOD IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE Bonus E: Worse. So much worse. Please...
Play B4: Bounding Block Breaking Ball B4: Bounding Block Breaking Ball May. 14, 2015
Um, okay physics, randomly make the ball go upwards/right/left with no explanation regardless of the type of paddle I use.
Play Evil Robot Inc. Evil Robot Inc. May. 12, 2015
So, I went through the exit on level 1, disappeared, and ... nothing. There isn't even a restart button to try again!
Play Escape From Clans Cave Escape From Clans Cave May. 08, 2015
Bragging about your 747 previous failures doesn't really make me enticed to play this.
Play Chains of Darkness Chains of Darkness May. 05, 2015
While pay to win is certainly detrimental, developer response is very good. So far, though with a energy max of only ~60, I may find myself regretting this statement, it doesn't seem too bad energy-wise, though I hate the whole "impossible to beat x2 power, no matter how much skill" system always implemented in this game. However, the developers seem willing to at least put some effort into listening to the community, and that alone halts my usually derisive judgement of such games as there.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

We do try. And we do hope you will not stumble upon regret. Any feedback you care to share with us can be sent via our dedicated support channel: http://support.spicyhorse.com

Play Mathematical Quest (Pre-Alpha) Mathematical Quest (Pre-Alpha) May. 03, 2015
Good game, but the spin is realllly slow. It hardly even reaches 100 screen rotations per second!
Play Summoner's Legion Summoner's Legion May. 03, 2015
Lustre, regardless of the rich dude who has literally gotten kong to edit his account so he can add more kreds than the max amount, if you're going for 1st place in a MMO... lol.
Play Punch My Head Punch My Head Apr. 29, 2015
You spelled Blu wrong :/ Not sure why you need rounds when there's already a 3-hit bar, but I guess why not.
Play Titan Souls Titan Souls Apr. 27, 2015
A good game, but going to the bosses takes a while, would be nice if you could reset where you died.
Play Super Bounce Bounce Super Bounce Bounce Apr. 26, 2015
It's fun until you hit the side of any platform, at which point death becomes certain.
Play Double Pendulum Simulator Double Pendulum Simulator Apr. 25, 2015
We should be able to choose the length without just using random.
Developer response from ryanfraserham

Meant to reply with what I just commented: "I'm in the process of creating a menu to add further customization. Thanks for the input!"

Play Fantasy Battlegrounds CCG Fantasy Battlegrounds CCG Apr. 24, 2015
Let's make a crap MMO with a crappy thing nobody uses