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Play Drag Box Drag Box Jun. 24, 2015
*Accidentally swings mouse to the left of the screen* *Crashing sound*
Play Parachute Paul Parachute Paul Jun. 23, 2015
1/5 Can still barely use controls, fix plox
Play Gravit-Eye Gravit-Eye Jun. 19, 2015
@lunachick772 Jump can be an arrow key, it would just switch around based on gravity... I have no idea how that became a top comment.
Play Bear in Super Action Adventure Bear in Super Action Adventure Jun. 19, 2015
"We don't have a space program. But we do carry around laser guns, jetpacks, and energy shields on a daily basis."
Play Chess Hack 1 Chess Hack 1 Jun. 15, 2015
Pawns move 1 step horizontally/vertically, they only attack diagonally, and can't attack horizontally. :/
Play Cubic Snake Cubic Snake Jun. 14, 2015
Make it 3x faster.
Play Stating the Obvious Stating the Obvious Jun. 13, 2015
5. Humans 6. Humans ...wait, what? (Also, 8 implies that the one on mars is the tallest in the universe) Basically, I'm saying that in general, if you want a literal game, BE LITERAL.
Play Stating the Obvious Stating the Obvious Jun. 13, 2015
Am I the only one who typed "answer here: no capital letters"?
Play Time Killer Time Killer Jun. 12, 2015
Great game for when you need to kill some time.
Play Tris Tris Jun. 11, 2015
Rather game-breaking glitch: Go straight down beneath the screen and evade all damage. Eh.
Play Respawn Respawn Jun. 10, 2015
"Oh, also, the machine only works on buildings. If it touches the ground, it explodes instantly" :/ Thanks, Science.
Play Mini Heroes Mini Heroes Jun. 09, 2015
I preferred your old fighting style. It's too hard to click all these tiny buttons, and targeting one enemy should be automatic. I also preferred not waiting an hour for everything.
Developer response from likwidgames

The initial plan was to do a combat style similar to Castaway 2, but due to Flash's networking support, we decided to go with a classic RPG turn-based battle system.

Play Just Trolling Just Trolling Jun. 09, 2015
Needs badges.
Play RADiancE RADiancE Jun. 07, 2015
Can we not use the key that is supposed to be used in conjunction with almost every other key do to specific commands to speed up?
Play Slope Slope Jun. 07, 2015
Needs API And then badges <3
Play 24sec Evolution 24sec Evolution Jun. 06, 2015
I am not saying your English is bad, I am saying the game should be entirely in English when you select English. The campaign and card names, at least, need to be translated.
Developer response from wryyyyyyyy

I see. Thank you. I will try them. I will try display English card name on card graphics. Translation of the campaign is hard to me. Google or machine translations are too bad for English-Japanese. Maybe I need help.

Play 24sec Evolution 24sec Evolution Jun. 05, 2015
I feel like I would enjoy this game much more if it were translated to English, even if the translation was bad.
Developer response from wryyyyyyyy

Yes, you are right. I need study English more. Sorry.

Play This Is Your World Too This Is Your World Too Jun. 05, 2015
Life of a human Birth to adult: 4 years adult to old: 8 years old to death: 2 years lifespan: ~14 years
Play Super Idle Imagination Super Idle Imagination Jun. 05, 2015
Really clever the way you just watch it instead of actually playing it, 5/5. -Get Rekt
Play Retail! Retail! Jun. 03, 2015
You use "Sorry, we're closed!" Parent uses "What time do you guys close?" :/