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Play Watch Paint Dry Watch Paint Dry Apr. 20, 2015
I was expecting the trollface to give 0 score and 0 cash :/
Play The Last Pill The Last Pill Apr. 19, 2015
THE ONE TIME I WANT THE GHOSTS TO COME OUT... :P Decent game, but it feels like it could be more skill based, with more factors than just speed-boosters.
Developer response from GabeOliveira

How about an item to release ghosts? :) Thanks for commenting.

Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Apr. 19, 2015
Play Cube sumo Cube sumo Apr. 18, 2015
This game would probably harder if I had friends
Play Hex Rush Ultra Hex Rush Ultra Apr. 18, 2015
R for restart? When I mess up I'd prefer not to wait.
Play Know the Legendry Race Horses Know the Legendry Race Horses Apr. 15, 2015
Was not expecting a copy paste code 5/5, defied my expectations
Play Nova Genesis Nova Genesis Apr. 14, 2015
paljar: No, kong just increases the ratings by about 2 stars, depending on how much they get payed by the company.
Play Number Wizard Number Wizard Apr. 12, 2015
Also, I'm hitting quit but nothing happens :P
Play Number Wizard Number Wizard Apr. 12, 2015
Wow, what a clever and creative formula, I have no idea how it could possibly have figured out my number from the small amount of information given.
Play Platfall Platfall Apr. 07, 2015
Nice concept. It would be greatly improved with a AI.
Developer response from FieroInteractive

Thanks, we think we might do some more work on this concept after we finish a few more weekly games :)

Play Squares Squares Apr. 07, 2015
It needs to turn yellow before it moves or have some kind of warning. Also, there should be a click (x) to next level sign.
Play Existential Sustenance Existential Sustenance Apr. 05, 2015
After a while it just gets really easy ad you're waiting on story all the time. There should be some added difficulty later or something. Also, I didn't heal once the entire 6-day game during my first, and at this rate my last, run. 6-days, and that was going slow. You might want to take off the achievements for 10 days.
Developer response from GaryGotGame

Good points. I'll give some thoughts around the best way to solve those issues.

Play create blue create blue Apr. 05, 2015
Play create purple create purple Apr. 05, 2015
Well, whatever. It's not even an effective strategy to get ad money. Idk what you're trying to do. Have fun doing it, I guess. Nobody really cares.
Play create green create green Apr. 05, 2015
Wouldn't it be easier just to make 1 game, and better to combine them?
Play create orange create orange Apr. 05, 2015
Thou had best be ashamed of thyself.
Play create red create red Apr. 05, 2015
Did you really have to make 6 different games?
Play Create yellow Create yellow Apr. 05, 2015
Are you serious?
Developer response from govindna

serious what? lol. I don't have action script so I can't make games well.

Play Words are Hard Words are Hard Apr. 03, 2015
This game has a few major problems, there are reasons nobody can complete it. 1. Rick Roll seems broken. 2. 'levels' is luck-based, and almost impossible. 3. It resets when you refresh. Also, just wondering, are the mini-games the same for every chatter in the room? The controls are, but when I tried organizing one, because of either incompetence of the players (or you devs for not syncing it), it wasn't working.
Play Words are Hard Words are Hard Apr. 03, 2015
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