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Play The Eternal Enemy The Eternal Enemy Aug. 27, 2014
http://imgur.com/z9J8OML You win!
Play Strange Pong Strange Pong Aug. 26, 2014
Pretty fun.
Play The truly lowest rated game on Kongregate The truly lowest rated game on Kongregate Aug. 25, 2014
Amazing Idea 1.01/5
Play Fun With Shapes Fun With Shapes Aug. 25, 2014
*A title that requires focus as well as timing, Shape Friends is a must play!* ...I think you mean "Fun With Shapes".
Developer response from Anhedoniatic

Thank you! I've been running on no sleep, sorry about that. If you care, it's been fixed :)

Play Mi primer juego flash/My first flash game Mi primer juego flash/My first flash game Aug. 25, 2014
No comprendo
Developer response from agustot450

si comprendes,este juego te trollea mucho xD

Play VertigoEX VertigoEX Aug. 24, 2014
Okay-I had a green circle for the Left control thing and still died. IMAO, you shouldn't get hurt by hitting them. Also, dying every time you get hit isn't very friendly to newbies (especially with the 10 second long respawns because of loading and stuff). I would prefer playing where you lose lives/points/multipliers (maybe dependent on a difficulty setting) every time you get hit but can still continue playing the song.
Play VertigoEX VertigoEX Aug. 23, 2014
I swear I keep dying by hitting the multiplier circles.
Developer response from FunWExplosives

If you tap Left Control, you can bring up a guide to help you judge the safe areas for the multipliers. The outsides of the multipliers are dangerous.

Play TFC TFC Aug. 23, 2014
Okay so I was fiddling with the upgrade menu and for some reason I can't buy anything. (I have 35 credits) Also I sold everything so the only thing left is black cubes. Oops. I lose.
Developer response from darkraider60

Hahaha I'm trying to add an intro tutorial thing to help with that. 5 is the maximum amount of frequency upgs (you start with max for 2). Check the tips for the reset function.

Play TFC TFC Aug. 23, 2014
Like 2048, except not at all. Pretty good game, the only thing I would change is that you shouldn't die for going off to the side.Maybe try and make it so movement stops like in most games?
Developer response from darkraider60

Thanks for the feedback. I uploaded a new version with your idea.

Play Smash the Horde Smash the Horde Aug. 23, 2014
I don't think charge is working for me, nothing is happening to my character.
Developer response from bernaporto

We're working on this issue. Thanks for your report!

Play Ghost Climb Ghost Climb Aug. 22, 2014
Good game, but I would like to see a computer player maybe or some one player goals. Also, when you fall instead of losing you should just stop at the number of points you have until the other player falls/passes you so it's more fair.
Play Ice Bucket Challenge Simulator Ice Bucket Challenge Simulator Aug. 22, 2014
Needs Ice.
Play i saw her across the world i saw her across the world Aug. 22, 2014
Yay another sequel :D Are you going to do another one later or is this the end of the trilogy?
Developer response from krangGAMES

Hooray! If this one goes over well, we'll see about it. If I DO do another sequel, it'll definitely be the biggest of the series...

Play The Wizard The Wizard Aug. 21, 2014
Arrow keys keep moving the screen around, kinda annoying.
Developer response from HypnoticOwl

Use WASD or the Numpad keys. I think this is a problem with the way is integrated by Kongregate, nothing we can to here, sorry.

Play Try not to kill your friends! Try not to kill your friends! Aug. 20, 2014
I can't even get 1 friend in :/ what am I missing
Developer response from Inudenis

Maybe you should wait your friend slide down a little... :D

Play Papa's Cupcakeria Papa's Cupcakeria Aug. 19, 2014
1,021th play
Play Glue Knight Glue Knight Aug. 19, 2014
Good game, but the gravity is unrealistically high. You should lower it (and the hero's jump so it stays balanced).
Play Dungeon Blob Dungeon Blob Aug. 18, 2014
After a while you just get so big it's impossible to dodge and you just have to cross your fingers, but still it's pretty decent. 2.7/5
Developer response from basklein

Thanks for the input, I didn't realise the game was that easy. I will fix it in a newer version. :D

Play Quidditch Tryouts Beat 0.0.7 Quidditch Tryouts Beat 0.0.7 Aug. 18, 2014
Dear every developer: STOP MAKING FLAPPY BIRD GAMES! Seriously, the game sucked enough without literally over 200 copies.