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Play VVVVVV Demo VVVVVV Demo Jun. 06, 2013
@Bluew34 Tobuscus a shit.
Play Neon Race 2 Neon Race 2 Feb. 28, 2012
Excellent game. 5/5, would like the see Neon Race 3 in the future.
Play Particles Particles Feb. 12, 2012
I'm the man!
Play Kongregate Avatar Creator CONTEST Kongregate Avatar Creator CONTEST Oct. 02, 2010
1/5, no music
Play Rage 2 Rage 2 Sep. 27, 2010
I found a glitch/secret in the 3rd level. If you jump high enough over the left wall, you won't have to kill the guys. :)
Play Otawa II Sandbox Otawa II Sandbox Sep. 27, 2010
Can you beat 50 pedobears? I know i can! :>
Play VVVVVV Demo VVVVVV Demo Sep. 16, 2010
i found out how to buy it with kreds now. I was stupid for asking, lol.
Play VVVVVV Demo VVVVVV Demo Sep. 16, 2010
How do I buy this game with kreds? (probably a stupid question)
Play Continuity Continuity May. 02, 2010
wtf, I completed level 32 and then it took me to level 22. lol wtf. O_o
2/5. Too easy and boring, nuff' said.
Play Toss the Turtle Toss the Turtle Dec. 30, 2009
took me about 3 hours (i think) to get the hard badge. (Yeah, i have no life)
Play Scribble Online Scribble Online Oct. 18, 2009
1st comment today holy shit!!!!!!!!
Play Multitask Multitask Oct. 18, 2009
84 using just one hand.
Play Multitask Multitask Sep. 19, 2009
250 on my first try this day. ^^
Play Scribble Online Scribble Online Sep. 01, 2009
Pointless comments today.
Play Platform Racing 2 Platform Racing 2 Aug. 29, 2009
badazzboy, your avatar SUCKS ass, it doesn't KICK ass.
Play Owata I Owata I Aug. 22, 2009
I've been looking for this game for a long time! SUCCESS!
Play Pyro II Pyro II Aug. 22, 2009
Bagarinator, you rate the game 1/5 just because badges doesn't work? Idiot...
Play Multitask Multitask Aug. 22, 2009
179 is my record, i'm gonna get 200 someday ;)
Play This is the Only Level This is the Only Level Aug. 22, 2009
Holy hell! I got the hard badge but i got 03:40:52.5 in time, lucky me!