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Play Soccer Physics Soccer Physics Aug. 05, 2014
How is this 3.85 on the rating? I've never seen a game more deserving of five stars.
Play Super School Day Super School Day Oct. 21, 2013
Doesn't work for an English (UK) keyboard - pretty odd for a company based in the UK...
Play Caribbean Admiral Caribbean Admiral May. 27, 2013
@Kalcium, downgrade your ship for money, then trade/pillage to earn it again
Play The Gaming Quiz The Gaming Quiz Jan. 05, 2013
Feel this punishes anyone who hasn't been gaming for over 10 years
Play Intelligence Artificielle 3 Intelligence Artificielle 3 Jan. 03, 2013
Had no idea what I was meant to be doing. Does this require sound to play? If so, it's very important to add subtitles or to tell people they need sound.
Play Lost in space Lost in space Jan. 03, 2013
When adding MouseEvent listeners to buttons, make sure you add the listener to the button itself and not the textfield. On the main menu you can see that you have to click on the letters, not the yellow circle, to progress.
Play Lost in space Lost in space Jan. 03, 2013
No way off the bridge it seems, so game got stuck after just two clicks. Also, calm down the main menu, having all those (stolen) images flash up that quickly doesn't look good.
Play Avoid Cactus Avoid Cactus Dec. 17, 2012
Not a bad first game, more polished than most, keep up the good work :) Also who the hell are the people who downvoted the comment with song credits?
Developer response from adv0catus

Thanks and no clue.

Play Ultimate Assassin 3 Ultimate Assassin 3 Oct. 10, 2012
3/5 - Good game and great concept, but randomised extraction points and guard paths make trying to do each level in under 30 seconds largely a matter of luck. As such the early level grind becomes such a chore that I didn't bother to try the hard levels.
Play SCGMD4 SCGMD4 Aug. 21, 2012
10 achievements for the first song I played :P
Play SCGMD4 SCGMD4 Feb. 03, 2012
On low quality, the 2nd song by Verax looks like "I just wanna bum".
Play LOMI LOMI Jan. 26, 2012
Did you actually play this? Having such an awkward control system means you basically need 3 hands to play. Make left and right controls 'A' and 'D' and it might actually be playable. Also there is no motivation not to spam the missiles. I would recommend an increased cool-down.
Developer response from Kriksa

I really don't see the problem. Right hand moves horizontally and left hand moves vertically, plus left hand's thumb fires.

Play The Idle RPG 2:Renicipation The Idle RPG 2:Renicipation Jan. 09, 2012
textfield.defaultTextFormat = new TextFormat("ANYTHINGBUTTIMESNEWROMAN"); I'm just sayin'.
Play 1066 1066 Oct. 22, 2011
cool game bro :) 5/5
Play Effing Worms Effing Worms Aug. 15, 2011
The game is unplayable, on Chrome it doesn't register my key presses, and on IE9 it doesn't register my key releases.
Play Game Development Room (GDR) Game Development Room (GDR) May. 03, 2011
I agree with whoever down-rated my comment; disregard it. I suck cocks.
Play A Day as Death A Day as Death May. 03, 2011
I'm always happy for people who make or upload a game, particularly their first. As a developer who's never managed to complete a game I understand why this isn't finished and how hard it is to make a game. However, I have rated the game on how good it is, not how much potential you have, which I think is only fair.
Play Game Development Room (GDR) Game Development Room (GDR) May. 01, 2011
Needs a mute button
Play HTLJ - Katakana HTLJ - Katakana Apr. 15, 2011
Contrary to many of the comments on here, I did/still am finding this useful. As for " a teaching aid is not a game" that is just stupid. Why should the two be mutually exclusive?
Play Space is Key Space is Key Apr. 01, 2011
All that effort and i didn't even get a slice of the pie :(