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Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 17, 2014
There should be an upgrade to decrease the cooldown of the skills.
Play Amorphous+ Amorphous+ Mar. 11, 2014
Special Prize Winner Badge ( easy - 5 points ) You acquired this badge on Jan. 11, 2010. Hall Of Fame Badge ( impossible - 60 points ) You acquired this badge on Mar. 11, 2014 That speedrun.
Play You Have To Burn The Rope You Have To Burn The Rope Nov. 03, 2013
Why would you even need a walktrough for this game
Play Stick Hero 3 Stick Hero 3 Jan. 12, 2013
@Berkaykose I AM SORRY, BUT I HAD TO ERASE SAVES!, read up...
Play Death vs Monstars 2 Death vs Monstars 2 Oct. 20, 2012
Why cant there be a save button, everytime when i come to play it i need to start over, nice game anyways 5/5
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Sep. 28, 2012
There should be a option where u could move towers voor 500 dollars.
Play Ultimate Assassin 3: Level Pack Ultimate Assassin 3: Level Pack Jul. 14, 2012
Whats your job, *gets killed*, Thinks now I know...
Play Penguin Diner 2 Penguin Diner 2 Mar. 23, 2012
This game deserves better, it needs badges.
Play Epic Combo! Epic Combo! Mar. 02, 2012
finished the game in 9 min
Play Insectonator: Zombie mode Insectonator: Zombie mode Jul. 21, 2011
Yes!! I have 100%. Oh wait... That game -.-
Play Doodle God 2 Doodle God 2 May. 20, 2011
laser + book = cd omg???
Play Flight Flight Mar. 25, 2011
pore turtle first he gets tortured in toss the turtle now in flight
Play Epic Combo! Epic Combo! Oct. 23, 2010
why does people hate turtles so much
Play Get the Cheesecake! Get the Cheesecake! Oct. 21, 2010
press tab if ur stuck on a lvl
Play Transformice Transformice Aug. 27, 2010
needs badges + if u agree
Play Multitask Multitask Aug. 12, 2010
167 <-- yehaa hard badge 2 easy
Play Bloons Tower Defense 4 Bloons Tower Defense 4 Aug. 06, 2010
battleship FTW
Play Alice is Dead - Ep 2 Alice is Dead - Ep 2 Aug. 02, 2010
its easy but why this dont have a another hard badge lol
Play Mr Mucky Guitar Legend Mr Mucky Guitar Legend Jul. 28, 2010
NEEDS BADGES!!! + if u agree
Play Don't Touch the Tangerine Don't Touch the Tangerine Jul. 26, 2010
the easter egg is vry funny find it Tip : its in the main menu