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Play K-Chat K-Chat Aug. 25, 2010
i was gonna chat but since the games isn't good and no one plays i couldn't 1/50
Play Hot-Rod Car Creator 2 Hot-Rod Car Creator 2 Aug. 25, 2010
ok i built a car, which looks like ****, Now what? 1/5
Play Don't Push The Button! Don't Push The Button! Aug. 25, 2010
wrost click ever
Play Mega Quiz - Short Mega Quiz - Short Aug. 25, 2010
well 2+2=windows is wrong
Play The Worst Game Ever The Worst Game Ever Aug. 21, 2010
its not the worst.... i mean who doesn't like crappy games?
Play NCAA 2011 Football vs. Modern Warfare 2 MW2 NCAA 2011 Football vs. Modern Warfare 2 MW2 Aug. 16, 2010
i wish i could make a game where you pick which game your most sweaty at then see the LOW style graphices. Yep only if i was that gay
Play omicron omicron Aug. 16, 2010
sweet! I get to click on color blocks, now doesn't sound like fun
Play How much is your youtube video worth? How much is your youtube video worth? Aug. 11, 2010
just say you have like 50 honors and you raise the price 300%
Play Explosion++ Explosion++ Aug. 11, 2010
so where is the game part of it? and it took 4 people to make circles come in and out from the screen. wow rated ~~ 1/5 ~~ Raw314™
Play Rectangle Chaos Rectangle Chaos Aug. 10, 2010
Nice game, mabey some color would be nice, only thing is I wouldn't be able to play this for more then 5 minutes as it is right now. Rated ~~ 3/5 as it is right now ~~ Raw314™
Play Smazzy Beta Smazzy Beta Aug. 10, 2010
Fun Beta game. Has its ways to go, but CAN NOT wait for it to come out. mabey put a more colorful backround instead of plain White. Rated ~~ 2/5 as a game right now ~ 5/5 that its just a beta test ~ Raw314™
Play My frist game in flash My frist game in flash Aug. 10, 2010
The game has the right base. just needs some pictures and action or you have almost NO idea whats going on Rated ~~ 2/5 ~~ Raw314™
Play Virus Revolution Virus Revolution Aug. 10, 2010
1. its the same look every attack. 2. you can only do like 2 damage. 3. it would be nice to have upgrades or at least a +2 or +4 when it attacks so i know 4. Ive never died in a game before because I ran out of stamina 5. it takes 5 min to beat the first guy since you have to heal and charge every 4 turns. Overall has ALOT of work to it if its ever gonna be even fun Rated ~~ 1/5 ~~ Raw314™
Play SWAT Sharpshooter SWAT Sharpshooter Aug. 10, 2010
could be better, just needs some word on all the little things its missing.
Play Card Guess Card Guess Aug. 10, 2010
if there was betting before each guess this would be more fun
Play World Rebellion II World Rebellion II Aug. 09, 2010
LOVE the game, never any idiots playing. just wish that 2nd and even 3rd could get some rating points instead of winner takes all
Play Bubble Tanks Arenas Bubble Tanks Arenas Jul. 22, 2010
just beat level 7 and still only 3 gun points
Play Bubble Tanks Arenas Bubble Tanks Arenas Jul. 22, 2010
there are so many cool guns! TO BAD I HAVE NO GUN POINTS
Play Platform Racing 2 Platform Racing 2 Jun. 28, 2009
is there a date when PR3 is coming out?