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Play Thing-Thing Arena 3 Thing-Thing Arena 3 Sep. 20, 2009
I cannot get the challenge even though I get over 2000. I am doing casual mode. Help?
Play Kongretaire Kongretaire Jul. 18, 2009
the right click would presumably save the card to the spaces on the right.
Play MoneySeize MoneySeize Jul. 15, 2009
why can i not get to level 13. like literally cannot reach there
Play Neuron Neuron Jul. 09, 2009
Pretty easy. Fun game though, I enjoyed it. A little longer would've been nice. One of those games that would be good with a few challenge modes.
Play GemCraft chapter 0 GemCraft chapter 0 Jun. 07, 2009
How do i activate a shrine for the easy badge?
Play Kongai Kongai Apr. 21, 2009
98 doesnt equal 100 so get over it. Jmu, none of those attacks have a 100 percent so get over it.
Play Greg Launcher Greg Launcher Apr. 20, 2009
27660. try to shoot it so it goes straight through like a lazer
Play Kongai Kongai Apr. 18, 2009
I dont think trading would make a difference. Covi, thats an odd statement considering that if you trade you will have the same amount of cards, just a different amount. Besides you cant use the same card in the same deck.
Play Greg Launcher Greg Launcher Apr. 15, 2009
Cleaner artwork would be better. Maybe add some upgrades like rockets or more boosters.
Play Greg Launcher Greg Launcher Apr. 12, 2009
10532. Oh yeah!
Play Kongai Kongai Apr. 05, 2009
Carlos a buff is anything that increases your stats. For example tiger claws activating is a buff because it adds crit rate. Some moves like tiger pounce remove them, so you lose that buff.
Play Khronos Khronos Apr. 03, 2009
I thought this was a very nice game. Like dietsnapple said, the art work was lovely. I loved how there wasn't a basic 3 move set with maybe 2 combos. If there was a story mode, trust me this game would be even more amazing. 4/5 I dont get why people say its boring or it sucks.
Play Kongai Kongai Apr. 01, 2009
This makes me laugh a little. I hit popo with shadow curse and she/he has a 40 percent chance of getting me with slingshot. It actually critical hit me.
Play The Great Sperm Race The Great Sperm Race Mar. 25, 2009
To think we are all little sperm cells.
Play The Great Sperm Race The Great Sperm Race Mar. 24, 2009
Very erm accurate. For those who need a quick bio lesson. XX=girl and XY=boy
Play Portal Defenders Portal Defenders Mar. 24, 2009
Anyone mind telling me the combo for the slot machine thing
Play Perfect Balance: Playground Perfect Balance: Playground Mar. 23, 2009
fireheart: its supposed to be. ts like his way of slapping the "haters" in the afce
Play Drift Runners Drift Runners Mar. 22, 2009
gwood: it doesnt work on my HP and macs are good. Why wont this freaking load
Play Kongai Kongai Mar. 18, 2009
blind king: proof or evidence please. i believe it but i want to see if there is anymore to it.
Play Kong Lessons: Right Click Menu Kong Lessons: Right Click Menu Mar. 16, 2009
I think these are helpful and probably very helpful for newbies. Nice work, I gave it a 5 for being helpful to the site and community.