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Bubble Sky

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Feb. 19, 2013

Rating: 0

for thousands of balls keep click when you reach the hundred and don't let the game say that you lose.

Endless Bubbles

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Nov. 15, 2012

Rating: 0

Maybe need an impossible badge ; reach level 4. Level 3 is insane !

Flood Runner 4

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Aug. 18, 2012

Rating: 2

The T-rex is in the background ; he can't eat me only if he come behind me. I can fall in the lava and next in the water so the T-rex too. So I don't have to run ; or the T-rex can't eat me or I can make him fall in the lava (or water) ; T-rex can't jump ^^. Logical.

Hitori Light Vol 1

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Jul. 24, 2012

Rating: -3

2 things : - if you just want to win fill all cells and click on check and change all red cells ... ;-( check make those games too easy. But it help too. - is there really 1 solution or I haven't understood all the rules ?

Dibbles 2: Winter Woes

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Jul. 20, 2012

Rating: 0

They are like ants who die, make bridge with themself... for there queen.

Blockgineer 2

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Mar. 25, 2012

Rating: 0

I was under by 68 on lvl 26 ; that's too easy.