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FFD run: http://tinyurl.com/nxxzfnp

“One must always remember that the way things are is not always the way they will be. This is the mantra of the candleflames, sitting demurely atop their wicks. They keep their hands folded and their heads down, forever polite. They know that humanity’s great failing is to assume that what is will always be. Humans grow used to things as they are.

Once, fire was a terror that ravaged entire populations. Now, it is a quiet and obedient helpmeet. The flickering candleflames wait patiently. They know they will be forgotten sooner or later.

But not for long after that."

Thanks, Nathan.

Hi, I’m Rebelfire, and I’m a ghost. I died in scribbles sometime long ago, in an incident forgotten by man, and I have haunted it ever since. I also run the Scribbles Legion of undead, which accepts all those who have died in chat related incidents.

Legion member list(Updated!):
Naesala- Lich/Laguz
PrinceofHyrule- Lich/Necromancer
Mibbster2- Zombie
irock18- Werepyre
Pickledkitty- Blackguard
Alphaetus_Prime- Draugr
KingSnail- The Dread King of Snails
(Schrodinger’s) TLTTP
Elva2135- Revenant

My AnoreSong!

Rebelfire, standing on the parapet of a castle on the moor. Screaming in the face of destiny that he shall stand until the very ground cracks open. A light in the world of darkness, a smokescreen of brilliant colours. Oh Rebel, my friend, I stand with you at dawn!

much love to Anore!

rebelfire: So tell me, fat man, and make it quick: /where/ is ZandNet?
RaceBandit: Oh wait I don’t have to answer that, I’m underweight.
rebelfire: DAMMIT
rebelfire: Foiled again!
thechanged1 (12:49): I’ma go sleep or ejaculate or something.
LordOTZ (12:49): 82 fishing is gonna take forever
amfg u n00b
thechanged1 (12:49): I’ll be thinking of you either way.
LordOTZ (12:49): good
thechanged1 (12:50): First mental thought: barbed wire tentalce rape porn and you’re the victim.
oh bbe that’ll get me off.
LordOTZ (12:51): Hawt
of dat
I will do the same
KingSnail: Idk.

KingSnail: I’m noob.

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