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Three Body Problem

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Dec. 23, 2012

Rating: 2

The trick to it is that you have to control the AI's movement - in order to do well you need to provoke and lead them where you want them to go (in order to free up space around the pink cube). It seems to get faster towards the end as well. The AI have a few (like 3) behaviours or actions. Sometimes they will attempt to 'comet' from one side of the course straight towards you, often moving close together - this is easy to dodge once you recognise it. Another behaviour is one will attempt to box you in to a corner by orbiting close to you but never touching you - its aim is to restrict your movement. The other cube will then 'comet', often attempting to rebound off the corner wall back at you. I find it interesting that the view count has increased a lot, but the high scores are pretty much the same (with the exception, I think of mpalengue). It's also much easier with the sound turned off, listening to music.