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Play N-Dimensions

Feb. 22, 2014

Rating: -6

Now I have the top score!

Crazy Hand

Play Crazy Hand

Jan. 29, 2014

Rating: 4

needs a claw release.

Arkandian Explorer

Play Arkandian Explorer

Nov. 24, 2012

Rating: -3

so I found some sledgehammers, some were "Rusty Vandal's Sledgehammer" and worth 150 ea, one of them was "Vandal's Sledgehammer"(worth 500), and i also found some "Vandal's Pickaxe", but 2/3 i found were worth 150, and one of the "Vandal's Pickaxe" was worth 500. I'm guessing you forgot to to put rusty on the "Vandal's Pickaxes" that are worth 150.


Play Hexagon

Oct. 07, 2012

Rating: 6

I wish touching the sides of the orange didn't kill you, but stopped you from moving in that direction.

Infectonator 2

Play Infectonator 2

Sep. 26, 2012

Rating: 2


Monster Arena

Play Monster Arena

Nov. 12, 2011

Rating: 0

really? I get my monster stats to 500 in power agility and defence, only to find the monster i have to defeat for the hard badge has a third less health and dies in two hits. I was expecting a 20k monster health epic battle or something. kinda annoyed i spent all the time to lvl up my monster to find out it was completely unnecessary. 3/5

Typing Ninja Hunter

Play Typing Ninja Hunter

Jul. 23, 2011

Rating: -2

I start the game and i can't kill a single enemy. its like it doesnt even register i'm typing, though when they start coming and i start typing it activates the slow-down power. This game has problems.

RPG Shooter: Starwish

Play RPG Shooter: Starwish

Jun. 15, 2011

Rating: 3

It takes me 5 minutes to beat a level, and 10 minutes to read all the dialogue afterwards.

Wings of Genesis

Play Wings of Genesis

Jun. 08, 2011

Rating: 12

Life Stream doesn't block all damage. I still die when fighting the infinity boss.


Play PC.Defense

Sep. 21, 2010

Rating: 1

There is a delay on all turrets after a target gets destroyed to when it acquires a new target. Thats why speed mode doesn't work right. Fix this.