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Play General War: Memories General War: Memories Dec. 14, 2013
When hijacking my items for ransom, please allow me to hover over them and see their descriptions. Thanks for a fun game! :)
Developer response from gameboxcy

I dont quite follow the meaning of "hijacking my items" , do you mean selling items or some else? Please tell me more details so that we can better record your suggestion :)

Play Awesome Tanks 2 Awesome Tanks 2 Aug. 12, 2012
I like playing with the sound on, but when i load a game and see "play muted", I already know thought was put into the creation of this game.
Play The Ocean Around Me - Week Two The Ocean Around Me - Week Two Jan. 09, 2012
@Moshdef- rating 4.11...Get To Work! Looking forward to late January, early February!
Developer response from Moshdef

Already working on Week Three! ^_^ Thanks for the comment!

Play Santa Rockstar 4 Santa Rockstar 4 Dec. 15, 2011
What? I have to refresh just to play the remaining song? I think I'll write this comment instead.
Play TMNT Ninja Turtle Bike TMNT Ninja Turtle Bike Dec. 13, 2011
What a nice surprise! 4/5
Play The Movie - University of Perceptions The Movie - University of Perceptions Dec. 12, 2011
This comment is more of a game than this..... + to win
Play Bone Sniffer Bone Sniffer Nov. 11, 2011
Happy end= Secret end?
Play Extreme Kick Extreme Kick Sep. 28, 2011
The little question mark on the upgrade screen... totally fitting.
Play S4 S4 Sep. 01, 2011
I think my ship is possessed. 3/5 because of graphics.Please work on bugs and I'll play a lot more of this graphically beautiful game.
Play Break Those Bricks Break Those Bricks Jul. 12, 2011
I actually played to 4070 pts. Ball gets stuck on left. At one point the ball got stuck on the paddle and the blocks shot down like 10 clicks. Blocks' side hit detection need refinement.Keep programming!:)
Play Zoptirik Bus Zoptirik Bus Jul. 05, 2011
decent game 3/5. Plus one for the Beastie Boys song!
Play Dwooz Defense Dwooz Defense Jun. 13, 2011
The "upgrade stats" are different from actual upgraded stats.Towers should fit size of space they take up.Level 35? Other than that, like the ammo graphics!3/5.
Play Jolly Roger Mahjong Jolly Roger Mahjong Mar. 22, 2011
You changed the rules of Mah-jong, then used the correct rules for the "how-to-play"?
Play Super Mario Truck Super Mario Truck Feb. 16, 2011
r for auto-restart