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Play SAS: Zombie Assault 3 SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Dec. 04, 2013
I love how you can go monty python on these zombies!
Play Pandemic: American Swine Pandemic: American Swine Nov. 30, 2013
the solution to this game= SHUT THE **** UP MTV, WE ARE TRYING TO SAVE AMERICA!
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Nov. 30, 2013
no one shakes hands, coughs, touches, stares, talks, relieves oneself, hears, breathes, smells, tastes, kisses, hugs, fights, shoots, works, lives, dies, flies, sails, swims, or be within a 50 mile radius of another living thing in ("REALLY big surprise") Madagascar. that's a cold hard fact.
Play Steamlands Player Pack Steamlands Player Pack Nov. 29, 2013
the Catherine + empty reflectium room = ultimate win.
Play Steamlands Player Pack Steamlands Player Pack Nov. 29, 2013
thank you lab-master ben!! (and Nitrome of course.)
Play Steamlands Steamlands Nov. 24, 2013
we should be able to scavenge flag designs. just an idea! :)
Play Steamlands Steamlands Nov. 24, 2013
I thought steam was the past, but good job, Nitrome. im steampunk now. thanks a lot. (no, seriously!)
Play Castle Crashing "The Beard" Castle Crashing "The Beard" Nov. 23, 2013
to beat the skull, dodge the fire and keep spamming magic when it's at full power.
Play Icebreaker Icebreaker Nov. 22, 2013
strong swords...
Play GemCraft chapter 0 GemCraft chapter 0 Nov. 03, 2013
Greg, you are the achievement comedian boss. no one can compete.
Play Super School Day Super School Day Nov. 02, 2013
the chalkboard answer is 0
Play Super School Day Super School Day Nov. 02, 2013
this game is stupid, pointless, and random. PLEASE MAKE MORE!
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash Nov. 02, 2013
(sorry, not on, one.)
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash Nov. 02, 2013
the ninja's history is rich and bloody, he went from country to country, (idea, international map.) slashing zombies left and right and saving puppies and children, berserkers are nothing. he laughs at armor. none escape. he is the most terrifying force ever. but what makes him the most interesting force ever is that he has seen the nightmares of millions, blood flying, head rolling, and organs being ripped in half; but he is not scared of any of these things. not even a little. HIS worst (and only) fear is terrible. more horrific than the shadows and demons of hell; a plain, paper door in a dojo. I would drop dead at the sight of on. if he could stop, he would.
Play Island Escape Island Escape Nov. 02, 2013
to get a free axe, climb the highest mountain, you will find a chest. it has an axe in it, so you just saved $300. its also the best sniper place!
Play Siegius Siegius Oct. 30, 2013
Play Siegius Arena Siegius Arena Oct. 26, 2013
dude, your JUICE TIN!!! (rainbow thermonuclear explosion) you made strike force heroes 1-2. you can do better! it's a great game but it has so much potential!!!
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Oct. 25, 2013
I beat the game. but it took about 4700 days... DAMN YOU MADAGASCAR!!!
Play Them Coconuts Them Coconuts Oct. 24, 2013
Sequel please, but don't change the music!
Play Nano Kingdoms Nano Kingdoms Oct. 22, 2013
The straw dummy talked... wtf?