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Play Castaway Island TD Castaway Island TD Jul. 14, 2014
Curls. Must haz. Even if the game itself is bad/great, GET THE ARMADILLO!
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 04, 2014
I find it quite ironic to the fact I come on here and just see Strikeforce Kitty having my load out on the front page. Seems like I am a twin of the uploader in thinking.
Play My Friend Pedro My Friend Pedro Jul. 04, 2014
....What the hell did I just see.
Play Epic Creature Hunter I Epic Creature Hunter I Jun. 13, 2014
Anyone else aNonny has 666 likes? o.o
Play FPA: World 1 Remix FPA: World 1 Remix Jun. 13, 2014
I found a bug: If you kick a spider really fast in a second, like 3 times, let it fly, then smack it again, the game crashes. Please fix!
Play FPA: World 1 Remix FPA: World 1 Remix Jun. 13, 2014
How much can a pair of Fancy Pants be Fancy if they could be Fancy and living in real life?
Play Bigotilyo Bigotilyo Jun. 08, 2014
You cant actually shoot a FatBoy with every gun. You can only shoot it with a pistol, this a bug?
Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Jun. 08, 2014
I think we all know...that if that armadillo is a Kongpanion by itself, we should have this armadillo as one. Hit + to agree.
Play Bigotilyo Bigotilyo May. 25, 2014
A violent kids game...that is so addicting its ridiculous. "Hey look, a slingshot!" "Hey, Daddy! I got a shotgun!" LOL! 5/5!
Play Wheely 3 Wheely 3 Apr. 28, 2014
I would like to purchase that car for obvious reasons. How could I make a living car if that is unavailable?
Play Strike Force Heroes Strike Force Heroes Apr. 22, 2014
If dead bodies are better than shields, shouldn't we just get an ability to take a dead corpse and use THAT?
Play ShellCore Command: Skirmish ShellCore Command: Skirmish Apr. 21, 2014
Flashbacker went into a coma...his status is unknown. All we can do is hunt him down and then pray in his hospital that he will awaken one day. He's been gone for 2-3-4 years now, but he may still be in that coma, being fed by the hospital to stay alive... We must hope for the best. For shellcore, pirated versions of the 2nd version are the only thing remaining right now. If he makes a comment on his profile even once...then hes back, and definitely hauling rear end. God help him, he MUST LIVE!
Play Sentry Knight Sentry Knight Jan. 23, 2014
I recommend this should go on Steam...Epic Battle Fantasy 4 did, and this game definitely is a great hit. Should you do this, I will buy it 40 times and give the 39 copies to my friends.
Developer response from JWolfGames

Haha, thanks for the encouragement! We won't be pushing this game to Steam, but one of our next games might be up-to-par to get on Greenlight!

Play Mutilate-a-Doll 2 Mutilate-a-Doll 2 Nov. 24, 2013
Ideas: Potato Staff: turns things into potatoes. Property Staff: upon use, makes objects effected have the Properties the staff has.
Play Dungeons of Kong Dungeons of Kong Nov. 08, 2013
Nerdook has revived...this can only mean one means hes about to become a badass.
Play i saw her too, with lasers i saw her too, with lasers Nov. 03, 2013
To be honest, This game combined with 'i saw her standing there' is awesome. I never expected a sequel, but hey, whenever they show up, perhaps for this one also, ITS PRETTY DAMN AWESOME.
Play Zombotron 2: Time Machine Zombotron 2: Time Machine Oct. 16, 2013
stage 7 doesn't crash me, but sometimes I go through the floor lol.
Play Zombotron 2: Time Machine Zombotron 2: Time Machine Oct. 14, 2013
"....Alright, so let me get this straight: I can take gunshots from ROBOTS and ZOMBIES, but I cant touch a non-moving GEAR?!" "Yes, that is very valid." ".....Give me that rocket launcher."
Play The KongreGadget The KongreGadget Oct. 14, 2013
Ironically it can bring you to Gangnam Style if you just type it into its always updated, no matter what: use it well.
Play Great Dungeon in the Sky Great Dungeon in the Sky Sep. 16, 2013
the dragons are powerful, but the mind control wizard is the truly deadly buttmunch: lets say your final boss is a chickmera, and you play as it: mind control the chicken, beat the crud out of the flayer. congratz.