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1 hour ago


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Jul 2, 2015 1:51pm

o joo nao pea

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aielsanana_2323 Jul 2, 2015 1:52pm


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Jun 26, 2015 5:58am

Please give us back RC2, i spent money on that game :/. Seems unfair to take it away and replace it with pure shit.

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Jun 26, 2015 5:14am

I’d have to agree with them, please bring the true Red Crucible back? Please?

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Jun 25, 2015 7:07am

Please bring RC 2 back, it’s better to have both of RC, but RC 2 rocks and RC firestorm Shocks……!!!!

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Jun 20, 2015 8:21pm

R.I.P Red Crucible 2 – The real Red Crucible.
Sorry, Firestorm isn’t enjoyable in my opinion

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May 3, 2015 10:46pm

Please re-release Red Crucible 2. I liked it much better, and I think I need to quit playing if this lag persists.

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wjk0 Jun 20, 2015 12:25am

i need to download Mozila Firefox then i only can play Red Crucible:FireStorm

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May 15, 2015 6:30am

I will literally sum up what everyone is thinking:
1. Bring back RC2
2. Firestorm sucks

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KiLlErSnIpEr426 May 15, 2015 7:43pm

yep firestrom really sucks

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AbdalnoorK Jun 18, 2015 2:52am

bring it back bring it back!!!

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Clupplup Jun 19, 2015 12:52am

Yeah You ruined the game RC2 IS THE BEST RC

avatar for Bulldog165

Jun 16, 2015 5:47am

Thank you for listening to the fans and contributing to the community!
{High Five}

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AbdalnoorK Jun 18, 2015 2:59am

fvck you !!! what you have done to rc2 it was the best game ever !!!!
i will not play this game again

avatar for whatsit2ya

Apr 16, 2015 11:17pm

youve ruined a once great game too bad you couldnt have just left things alone noooooo you had to go and f it all up close my account im done with this game

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cjgannonRS Apr 22, 2015 8:35pm

Dude go F2ck yourself and die in a hole

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whatsit2ya Apr 26, 2015 3:58am

why dont you go and lick some balls and no one asked you to open your c0ck h0lster so f#ck off

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KareemE10 Jun 13, 2015 10:30pm

‘kids arguing over the internet’

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Jun 15, 2015 7:04am

okay i know the games based off the cold war but rreally you cant just add female soldiers on the game

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r8500 Jun 15, 2015 4:30pm

would any girls that play it agree?

avatar for victoriaWl

Jun 14, 2015 7:20am

How do you create an acc on kongrreate? D:

avatar for r8500

Jun 13, 2015 1:33pm

hey for red crucible there needs to be female skins cuase im seeing alot of female players arnt happy with only guys skins please add female ones

avatar for iPinoyPride

Jun 13, 2015 2:26am

please fix RED CRUCIBLE FIRESTORM it is so lag than the red crucible 2 :’(

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Mar 8, 2014 9:19am

i love the game red crucible 2!

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skullface156 Mar 8, 2014 9:20am

its awsome

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Fuck567844 Mar 11, 2014 6:12pm

i know!!!

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FreddyFazbear91 Jun 7, 2015 6:42pm

Someone with the word “F*ck” in their name. WOW.

avatar for gabrielbolun

Jun 4, 2015 11:59am

hey do you have an acc on rcf

avatar for theradbros

May 30, 2015 3:52pm

this so cool

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May 26, 2015 11:09am

I’m gonna leave red crucible bcz u totally ruined it…let RC 2 return and remove RC:F

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May 16, 2015 3:05pm

Other than the things I’m about to list below, Red Storm would be pretty good/
*The whole inventory hud SUCKS. Bring it back
*The graphics got a lot better, perhaps to better bring it down a notch, but not to the way it was before….
*The lag man, fix it, it’s a killer….
*Get rid of the ammo…if you’d like to keep…

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avatar for JustinBarber

May 14, 2015 10:46pm

FAVELA please ! bring it back to this awesome game

avatar for KiLlErSnIpEr426

May 14, 2015 12:44am

pls bring back rc2 pls

and im lvl 52 in rc2 pls bring back rc2 plssssssss

avatar for ferraricobra

May 13, 2015 6:41am

how do you start the game?

avatar for mateo0123

May 8, 2015 2:57pm

good game rocketeer

avatar for r8500

May 7, 2015 12:16pm

can you guys maybe put hair like European 4 on middle eastern 2

avatar for andreilacbay

May 2, 2015 7:39pm

rgs rgs rgs pls pls pls pls pls pls lpls pls pls pls put rc2 backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk pls