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Play Bear in Super Action Adventure Bear in Super Action Adventure Jun. 23, 2015
Really super fun game, but it only took me about 30 minutes to complete it. witch kinda sucked since it was so much fun. Hopefully the next one will be a little longer. Also, as a side note. Noticed if you move the mouse really fast you can glitch the hit box to not get hit. just kinda 'whip' your self through a shot. and the upgrade system, although flawless, took next to no time to max out. can't wait for the next one...
Play 5 Differences 5 Differences Jun. 04, 2015
less than ten minutes. I love these games. Some of them i spotted just by total fluke though mind you...
Play Realm Grinder Realm Grinder Jun. 04, 2015
super glitchy, shame. i like these games sometimes.
Play Loved Loved Apr. 20, 2015
is it just for me or is the lag for real?
Play The Enchanted Cave 2 The Enchanted Cave 2 Feb. 15, 2015
this game is fun as sh!t, just wish the skill tree would be a little harder to complete since the hard badge takes so long anyways.
Play Nuclear Plant Nuclear Plant Jan. 22, 2015
When is the dev of this game going to make the next one? I love this game, but I think bigger levels, more goals would be fun. maybe we have to go to different research centre's to get things done. Or the baddies break the facilitys and we have to go get things to fix them. get with it game dev.
Play Just Type This Just Type This Oct. 30, 2014
wicked game, tricky as fuk though!!!
Play Nuclear Plant Nuclear Plant Oct. 16, 2014
way to easy once you know what to do.
Play Vilesteel Vilesteel Oct. 10, 2014
cool idea, needs work though.
Play Zombinsanity Zombinsanity Jul. 31, 2014
You know what elose i think would make this game awesome? Let's say, as your back up gets up graded, they get better guns, and as you walk around and pick up ammo. When you fill up your ammo the extra goes to your team to split up. when they run out they can go back to pistols. just an idea.
Play Zombinsanity Zombinsanity Jul. 31, 2014
I think in the next version of this game, if there will be a next version. the back up guys, the help, should level up with exp. makes the health kits a little more valuable instead of throwing one of your guys in the fire to save your butt if your out of stuff.
Play Paladog Paladog Jul. 30, 2014
Fun game!!! 5 stars.
Play WarLight WarLight Jul. 24, 2014
Great game, super addictive.
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Jun. 29, 2014
Great game, just finished it. I want more!!!
Play Mushroom Madness 2 Mushroom Madness 2 Jun. 29, 2014
You know what would be cool for the next game. If we could hold our special weapon until we wanted to use it. Imagine having a bomb but we could hold it until there were lots of badies. usually I'm frantically clicking all the things then when I have time i go get the power up. but then the first thing comes out and you have no choice but to use your bomb. why not use space bar as a use item button???
Play JellyGo! JellyGo! Jun. 15, 2014
love this game but not playing it anymore because of the commercials on this site, if you post this game to another site please let me know.
Play Free Fred Free Fred Feb. 17, 2014
Fun game. 5 stars.... but ya know, I wouldn't complain if it took a little longer to beat the game. less then an hour untill complete domination with my little fishing rig with cannons. I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed for the next version.
Play Free Fred Free Fred Feb. 13, 2014
Fun game. Very addicting. 5 stars.
Play Zombinsanity Zombinsanity Feb. 12, 2014
lol, disregard the previous notes I made. Seemed I just suck so bad that i wasn't getting enough xp to see the bar move. now that I'm getting the hang of the game everything works great. Just a note to the makers, I had read a note from someone in the comments about maybe the possibility of buying ammo from the 'store'. maybe the option for expensive rounds too. like buy 3 or 5 clips of special ammo on top of the regular 500 rounds. just a thought. This is actually a really fun game. 5 stars now.
Play Zombinsanity Zombinsanity Feb. 11, 2014
I take it back, finally got my xp, and first time i made it to level 5. :)