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Play Swarm Simulator Swarm Simulator Feb. 22, 2015
Any chance you're going to be getting a game chat? Not everyone in my regular chat room likes to hear us drone on about Swarm Simulator.
Developer response from swarmsim

Working on this! (Although, if you're giving me free advertising in other chats, maybe I shouldn't... :P )

Play Ghostscape 3D Ghostscape 3D Feb. 04, 2015
Pokes the squishes as I always do in Psionic games. Hehe. It has an extra special effect in this one. 10/5 just for fan service. 1/5 cause I couldn't find any more squishies. Overall, 5/5 I could say so much more about this. I'm just gonna surmise and say, I really hope you stick with the 3d. Best P&C ever.
Developer response from Psionic3D

Thanks for playing!! I will be sticking with Unity and 3D and hopefully I'll learn a lot more with each game I create and improve!!

Play Tangerine Tycoon Tangerine Tycoon Jan. 22, 2015
This looks familiar :P. Is there going to be a red remover mini game in this? Gameception?
Developer response from GazThomas

I almost added a Tangerine Panic mini-game! http://www.kongregate.com/games/TheGameHomepage/tangerine-panic

Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Jan. 05, 2015
*Bug* I beat lvl 20, didn't beat the boss. Whenever I try to do the boss node that pops up after you win 20, it glitches out. Here's me floating by the boss "http://prntscr.com/5p1iui" and here is one of me winning after floating through a floorless castle for about 8 minutes. "http://prntscr.com/5p1kb5" It didn't count though. So yeah, I guess I can't do the end boss. :(
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Oct. 17, 2014
Are you going to be adding the gamersafe login thingy?
Play Idle Blacksmith Idle Blacksmith Sep. 10, 2014
I'm okay with the new update. Maybe tweak it a bit. It seems fine to me though.
Developer response from mrcaboom

Balancing a game is hard. Everybody's comments help a bit ;)

Play Idle Necromancer Idle Necromancer Aug. 25, 2014
I like the new update. Although, It's almost barely playable due to the lag.
Developer response from Hoistmaster

i will release a hotfix that should help :) but if people could tell me ahout the lag, is it when you buy stuff?

Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 14, 2014
Uh, on my second reset, monsters went from really small to upside down. Planning a third reset, not really worried about the bonuses, just want to know what is going to happen to the monsters next. :P
Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Jul. 30, 2014
For the 4 most commonly asked about achievements: Click the elevator (Yellow triangle) 100 times for the first and 500 times for the second. The third is click the achievements room 100 times and the fourth is click the stats room 100 times.
Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Jul. 28, 2014
1 million cb isn't a cap. It's just what you need to fill up to get the diamond. You can reset and get them afterwards. I have 25m atm.
Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Jul. 28, 2014
jk the awesome in your name is quite fitting. tyvm.
Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Jul. 28, 2014
Anyone know what the 2 achievements on the bottom row are? I have the other 2 for the diamonds.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jul. 19, 2014
Rapture Contingent is at the bottom of the list, after the x50 upgrades. It's the last upgrade.
Play Idle Empire 2 Idle Empire 2 Jul. 16, 2014
Now were talkin :P thanks.
Play Idle Empire 2 Idle Empire 2 Jul. 16, 2014
Hmm, actually I take that back. My exp is moving a bit better than before. Nothing to write home about. Still an improvement, non the less.
Developer response from Blooroth

refresh page, i made small update, now it should work better.

Play Idle Empire 2 Idle Empire 2 Jul. 16, 2014
I just bought 30 of the new upgrades. Not really seeing any type of effect.
Play Idle Empire 2 Idle Empire 2 Jul. 12, 2014
P.s. haven't seen it mentioned yet but if you hit tab, you can highlight the clicking area and hold enter in to rack up manual clicks fairly quickly. Becomes obsolete once you get auto click and gem mine maxed out and the first ultimate upgrades though. .
Play Idle Empire 2 Idle Empire 2 Jul. 12, 2014
Doin a fine job. Take sunday off, get some sleep. Watch some tv. Hang out with the fam. Come back monday, refreshed. Ready to tackle the balance issues and other fixes and updates.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 20, 2014
Taking away the upgrades after x3 seems have stopped the hemorrhaging (unless it's just a bug). I feel bad for whoever wasn't here to earn billions of angels though, lol.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 20, 2014
At first I was like, Oh no! you broke it, make it go back. I see what you wanted to do though. Maybe curb the angel investor growth a lil and possibly make the upgrades a little more expensive to draw it out more. Just my opinion though. Fun idle non the less.
Developer response from HyperHippoGames

We appreciate your patience! It's obvious that our update was too aggressive. We hope you'll stick with us as we amend our calculations and make atonement.