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Play Vox Populi Vox Dei: Episode 2 Vox Populi Vox Dei: Episode 2 Mar. 28, 2015
asd-space is the mark of evil left-handed developers. GIVE US ARROW KEYS.
Play Dream Car Racing Evo Dream Car Racing Evo Mar. 24, 2015
How do I save progress here to load it on dreamcarracing.com?
Play Met Parkour Met Parkour Mar. 09, 2015
Unity player crashed twice
Play Height of Paranoia Height of Paranoia Mar. 09, 2015
competently done, but better done by others.
Play Sara Feet Accident Sara Feet Accident Feb. 04, 2015
Bonus mode: if you don't treat her legs at all she gets gangrene and her legs turn black and fall off.
Play Ghostscape 3D Ghostscape 3D Feb. 04, 2015
Another typo found: "Do you want to go futher?" Should be "further"
Developer response from Psionic3D

Thanks - fixed for future update...

Play Ghostscape 3D Ghostscape 3D Feb. 04, 2015
Cannot find tape #1 ... I have everything else :(
Play Abandoned Abandoned Jan. 08, 2015
"There is no trial and error involved in this game"? Certainly there is! I gave it a trial and that was an error. STUCK AFTER FIRST THREE ROOMS equals a game designed to waste my time.
Play Snail Bob 8: Island Story Snail Bob 8: Island Story Dec. 28, 2014
Play orbit orbit Dec. 26, 2014
doesn't seem to work
Play Surgeon Simulator 2013 Surgeon Simulator 2013 Dec. 16, 2014
game won't load anymore?
Play The Way the Gingerbread Cookie Crumbles The Way the Gingerbread Cookie Crumbles Dec. 16, 2014
You're kidding, right? Stupidest game I've seen in years.
Play Idle Goo Idle Goo Dec. 04, 2014
There are only approximately 10^80 baryons in the universe. There might be significantly more leptons and photons but I seriously doubt as many as 10^90. So what are all these "modules" being made of??
Play Idle Goo Idle Goo Nov. 20, 2014
A "buy all I can" button for after transcending would be nice ...
Play Idle Goo Idle Goo Nov. 20, 2014
How are you managing such huge numbers in the code?
Play Galaxy Harvest Galaxy Harvest Nov. 17, 2014
Black holes don't work that way. If you put a black hole near a planet, time on that planet will go MORE SLOWLY than time far away from the black hole. The only way to get a speed boost from a black hole is to put YOURSELF near it ... and then you'd react more slowly to threats.
Developer response from levelrusso

Yeah, yeah... but it was too late when we figured it out :) chrono-boost is a good feature anyway

Play Idle Goo Idle Goo Nov. 11, 2014
OK, after transcending 10 times, buying every upgrade, manufacturing 88x10^42 units, transcending 12x2^40 bits and discovering 244x2^40 more ... not sure what else I can do with this game. Would be nice if it announced "the universe is now all you" at some point as a win condition.
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Nov. 09, 2014
@Bob618: no separators, lowercase will get you in. It is three words, six letters total.
Play Idle Goo Idle Goo Nov. 06, 2014
Bug: after a restore, most of the nanomodules do not show the progressbars -- unless you buy at least one more of each.
Play Ballistic Ballistic Nov. 03, 2014
frozen at 6% after "play now" button ... happened three times tonight