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Play Achievement Unlocked 3 Achievement Unlocked 3 Jun. 10, 2012
I had a bug where when I saved it showed I had already hit half of the save spots in the pit, but I didn't have the achievement.
Play Bouncy Fire Fighters Bouncy Fire Fighters Nov. 22, 2011
I am a fireman and I can verify this is how we really fight fires.
Developer response from myplayyard

I knew that :) Hope you liked the game...

Play Quick Quests Quick Quests Sep. 30, 2011
This game would be great if the achievements allowed you to purchase upgrade. More health, more turns, higher amount of good equipment. Maybe higher level equipment, or even a basic radar. Still like the game though, just saying this could make it worth repeating.
Developer response from undefined

I think so too. This one was produced in only a few days as an experiment to see if I could make something simpler than my usual, I think it has a lot of room for improvement, chances are the idea will be vastly expanded on in another game. :)

Play Crystal Story Crystal Story Sep. 24, 2011
The medals are for newgrounds
Play Swords & Potions Swords & Potions Sep. 15, 2011
I have an error every single action I try to it part of the game or something....
Play Swords & Potions Swords & Potions Sep. 15, 2011
Every time I suggest an item it crashes...
Play Vulpin Adventure Vulpin Adventure Sep. 12, 2011
Now that all of the monsters are taken care of, we're left with these all powerful vulpins.....what have we done!?!
Play Interactive Bob 2 Interactive Bob 2 Jun. 04, 2011
umm, the walkthrough it rated higher than the actual game.....
Play Jennifer Rose: Texas Saloon Jennifer Rose: Texas Saloon May. 05, 2011
wait a is this in the top 5 games.....I officially quit Kong.
Play Trollface Launch Trollface Launch Apr. 06, 2011
I hate you so much.
Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven Apr. 01, 2011
Peon: Sir, we are ready to attack. I have him in my sights. Captain: Wait! Don't aim, just launch thousands of bullets everywhere. Peon: Are you sure, I'm pretty sure I can hit him. Captain: Positive.
Play Refraction Refraction Feb. 05, 2011
tupac1996 it could also "learn you" some grammar.
Play The Deep Full The Deep Full Jan. 30, 2011
Nice twist on this, as everyone has said fix your spelling and get rid of lag and you have a solid game.
Play Over The Border Over The Border Jan. 14, 2011
just launch, wait until you start to come back down, and then hit r to restart. buy the wieghts first. Really easy win.
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Jan. 04, 2011
anyone else see the swastika carpet in the summoning castle?
Play You Find Yourself In A Room You Find Yourself In A Room Jan. 04, 2011
Ah how I yearn for the days of text games.....(goes off to download some)
Play Victors Nightmare Victors Nightmare Jan. 04, 2011
Pretty good point and click game, I especially liked that you used the game to make sure that you couldn't just turn it into a clickfest, wish it were multiple episodes though.
Play Submachine 7: the Core Submachine 7: the Core Dec. 16, 2010
Mateusz is a genius, possibly a demi-god.
Play Papa's Burgeria Papa's Burgeria Dec. 12, 2010
"Hello, may I take your order?"...."Yes I would like a bun, lettuce, pickle, mayo, medium patty, pickle, mustard, medium patty, lettuce please. I will be grading you, thanks."
Play Mass Mayhem 2 Mass Mayhem 2 Dec. 12, 2010
Offensive content on the internet? How dare you!