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Play Escape and Hyde Escape and Hyde Jun. 15, 2013
I liked it. It was easy. I liked the graphics myself, simple but worked well. I think it could of have used some sound though. Good job. 3/5
Play Multitask 2 Multitask 2 Apr. 04, 2011
Pro Tip: Get 5 other friends to surround the keyboard with you and then you have a chance.
Play Plataformerl Plataformerl Sep. 04, 2010
Actually it's pretty good for a first game...keep learning and improving your games.
Play A Different Kind Of Maze (unfin) A Different Kind Of Maze (unfin) Aug. 20, 2010
One of the better simple maze games I've seen in a while. Keep up the good work.
Play Daniel Hansen's Super awesome Maze Game Daniel Hansen's Super awesome Maze Game Apr. 20, 2010
It'd be better if the dot was blue or some other color...maybe even add another dot somewhere on the screen
Play Little Stars for Little Wars Little Stars for Little Wars Apr. 19, 2010
It's a great game. 5/5
Play Dungeon Explorer RPG 1.0 Dungeon Explorer RPG 1.0 Jul. 27, 2009
Fixed the continue bug. Post any other bugs you might find and I'll try and fix them.
Play Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Jul. 01, 2009
I'm currently working on a new game that will be similar, yet different than dungeon crawl. Those of you who enjoyed this game, should enjoy my new game. I'm hoping to realease it sometime in July.
Play Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Mar. 12, 2009
No plans for an update any time soon, sorry. Not sure why the load works for some, and not others.
Play The Feel Good Game The Feel Good Game Dec. 24, 2008
Is there any way to give zero stars to a game?
Play Calendar Girls 2009 Calendar Girls 2009 Dec. 20, 2008
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Play Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dec. 12, 2008
I believe everything works now...I think you're trying to load an old save file before my last update was installed and that probably screwed up your save file...sorry about that! There are less bugs now! You can start a new game, sorry!
Play Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dec. 09, 2008
Yes Capture needs to change somewhat, maybe something like you're thinking. Right now there is random encounters out in the forest area...the higher your Dex skill, the lower the chance of a random encounter though. KevinL, yes I see the bug you're talking about, I'll get that fixed soon I hope.
Play Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dec. 08, 2008
Re: Quix...wait for version 2.5 (if I make it early next year)
Play Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dec. 07, 2008
ok, fixed the so-called death glitch (now you see all the hits that killed your character) and hopefully fixed the flee problem also, even though I never did see it happen. Keep posting any bugs that you may run across and I'll try to address them. Thanks. Enjoy the game.
Play Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dec. 07, 2008
Part of the problem is that the guards and other strong creatures get multiple hits. But if you're killed in battle, it only shows the last hit you took, even though you were hit say 3 times by a guard. So it appears as if you were hit for 8 points of damage, when really the guard hit you twice before that hit and the total damage was enough to kill you. I'll see what I can do so you can see each hit when you're killed. Then that way you see the total damage taken before death, and not just the hit that killed you. So the game is doing what's it's suppose to do, you're just not seeing all the information you should when you're character gets killed...sorry. I'm not sure about the flee bug though, I haven't seen that one..I'll look into that.
Play Dungeon Crawl RPG Dungeon Crawl RPG Dec. 04, 2008
I released version 2.0 as a seperate game. It has the save and load functions and other new options. Check it out!
Play Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dec. 02, 2008
Fixed the # of potions bug. Bug had to do with my save function. Save and load should work better now.
Play Saving and Restoring Game State Saving and Restoring Game State Dec. 01, 2008
Damn, I wished you had released this 2 weeks eariler, as I had to read help files and search the internet to figure that all out for my last game. Great job though, it'll help other people wondering how to save and load saved files.
Play Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Dungeon Crawl RPG 2.0 Nov. 30, 2008
When you drink giant strength potions, that character gets a bonus to his attack for the rest of the battle. His strength does not change. Healing potions take affect right away and your hit points should update.