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Play Porcupine Pop Porcupine Pop May. 03, 2012
Play Energy Island Conquest - BETA2 Energy Island Conquest - BETA2 Oct. 05, 2011
Hmm, I killed all of the enemies and have all 8 orbs blue (I counted) and it still says I only have 7/8 orbs blue...
Developer response from Arowx

Fixed, and other enhancements added!

Play Granny Strikes Back Granny Strikes Back Aug. 31, 2011
Play Cody Fights Some Orcs Cody Fights Some Orcs Aug. 08, 2011
Very fun!
Play Bird Hunt Bird Hunt Aug. 02, 2011
Very fun, thanks!
Developer response from 4651365deletedus

thanks my friend

Play Thyella Thyella Jul. 06, 2011
One suggestion, when you get it by a enemy all of the enemy should die, but you should not have to restart with easy enemies...
Play Kick Out Bieber Kick Out Bieber Jun. 24, 2011
"Oww, that didn't feel good!" FATALITY!
Play Sound Wave Sound Wave Jun. 20, 2011
Very fun!
Play Medieval Character Maker Medieval Character Maker Jun. 18, 2011
Very cool, thanks for sharing!
Play Infinite Ocean : Beta Infinite Ocean : Beta Jun. 06, 2011
Pretty good so far. 1. Need instructions on the hud. At first I did not know what was what. 2. I love the Dolphin model and animation!
Play Step Seq. Step Seq. May. 18, 2011
Needs more instruments, but still awesome!!!
Play Ninja ropes swing 3D Ninja ropes swing 3D May. 17, 2011
A very nice game! I can't believe you made this in 2 days!
Play Jettison Jettison May. 16, 2011
- meaning a negative number. Sorry!
Play Jettison Jettison May. 16, 2011
On level 5 if you take of 2 pillar thingys it counts to - forever
Play Footman v0.1 Footman v0.1 May. 10, 2011
Very nice, you might want to add kongregate achievements to the final project.
Play The Crazy Crane - PhysX Simulation Game V-0-1 - WIP The Crazy Crane - PhysX Simulation Game V-0-1 - WIP May. 05, 2011
Also, you'll want to uncheck the use gravity box...
Play The Crazy Crane - PhysX Simulation Game V-0-1 - WIP The Crazy Crane - PhysX Simulation Game V-0-1 - WIP May. 04, 2011
1 suggestion, you might want to freeze the rotation of the camera under the claw. (In Unity 3.3 you could add a ridgidbody to the camera then open the constraints tab.)
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Apr. 30, 2011
How do you change your partys order? Sorry I'm such a noob!
Play ShadowRoom ShadowRoom Apr. 29, 2011
This game is freaky!
Play Flight Flight Apr. 22, 2011
Very fun!