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    *hiding in your bedroom* .3. *hopes to not get caught*
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Click “MORE ABOUT ME” if you lyk pussies c; (Last updated: 12 July, 2014)

….what else did you think I was gonna show cha, huh? Huh?!? HUUUH?!?!?!
$on of a p3rverted lesbi@n b!tch
Aaaaanyhooo more info commin’ right ap :3 ….or down >.> whatever keep reading. #DoinYouAfavorBiatch xP so here yew gooo:

Member since: July. 17, 2013
Age: 15 gonna be 16~
Pic of meh~
(^I lost the old link xc)
Nick names: saki (most of my friends), pancakez (people), sam (my gurlfriends irl), usko (bro), usku (bro), sakitty (hazard) , sazz (friends irl), desert rose (wolfie_c:), chibi (sushi x3)
(The actual) About me (part): Ok soz umm where do I start? …hi im saki? .-. Weeeelllllll I like EVERYTHING cute, like teddies, bunnies, kittehs, dollies, cotton candies, Candylandies, puppies, babies and all other cute stuff ^ 3 ^ (I know im way too girly ;w; accept me the way I am or gtfo). It’s very easy to make me sad and mad/angry. People say I look cewt when im angry, soz if you make me angry to see mai cewt angry face, it might be the last thing you ever see, huney :3 I wish I had blue eyes since they look adorable and all buuut I dont so im fine with mine. Aaaanddd I guess thats about it for this part.
Likes: cats, kittenz, mewing ( mew mew mew ), NYAN CAT ( NYAN NYAN NAYN ×infinity)~, Taylor Swift, aaaaand Jason Derulo ♥
Hobbies: Designing clothes and shoes (mostly high-heels), nail art (you know designing stuff on our nails with nail polish :3), drawing (even though I suck at drawing anything except people and clothes. I dont even know how to draw CATS ;o; and cats are, like, MY LIFE)
Dislikes (hates or whatever): ….. JUSTIN BIEBER =O and my stupid ugly brother, uglyretardeddipshit’s probably adopted – n -
(Strange) Obsessions: cats/kittens/cat family (which includes tigers and all iydk), T Swift (my role model), aaaaaaaaaaaand kissing boies…… .-. dont judge……. MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!11
FLAPPY BIRD HIGHSCORE: (mobile:) 243!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $UCK IT YALL LEWZERZ!!!!!!!! :DDDD, (kong:) ….5……. .-.
instruments I play: guitar, piano and somee others
RP character(s): vampire princess/Satan’s daughter and smexay evil gurl
Other form(s): kitty_kat_=3 , NYAN CAT!!!!!!!
Pets: Andy, my cutie patootie (white) demon horse

ღ Current relationship status ღ suck on a potato and dont ask me out cuz i already gotz the love of my life

ї ʟоvє мαɪ gaмєявої (ʃƪˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)


#GotzTaBestBoifriendEver #PotatoSuckingFTW #CatsAreCewt #BestLookinProfileonKong #DANCINGGIFSFTW

If you’re a swiftie I love you for life, baby ;3
And if you’re a belieber, go die in a fire, bitch

people i like: (~ =the ones i love x3)

damnit i love all of these people…. .-. oh well wutevz lets continue =3

so yeeeaaa im pretty boring now and I gave up chatting in open
so like, you wanna talk, you just gotta pm me xP
I can be a real bitch when im angry so just dont piss me off bro `^`

Kik username: luv_L0lLiPoP

peace out
may God help biebs
slaps you for being a slow reader (even if you aren’t) and reading mai profile when i told you to get lost
you make me sick >:I

you might find me a little slutty


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