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Play Astronaut Joe N Astronaut Joe N Jul. 09, 2013
probably the most innovative game i've ever played.. an this sound. holy camoly
Play Devil Castle Adventure Devil Castle Adventure Jul. 09, 2013
oh my god, my eyes bleed and my earns hurt, what shit was this?
Play rocket retro rocket retro Sep. 24, 2012
nothing realistic in this game, coins bigger than the ship, other multiplier coins escaping from you. it's just unrealistic and the sounds annoys me
Play [Unfinished] Turtle drop block game [Unfinished] Turtle drop block game Sep. 24, 2012
it's horrible that you try to upload the work of others and want to make $$$ with it
Developer response from codingproject1

I am not making money off this game, there is no registered paypal to my account. This was a coding experiment as my first game. I assure you I coded the lions share of it.

Play Hooke's Law Hooke's Law Sep. 24, 2012
great fun... FOR A DEAF!!! 0/5
Developer response from Orthologist

I'll be sure to add a mute button.

Play Globus: Portals Globus: Portals Sep. 24, 2012
my ears hurt thanks to this crappy sound, uuuht, ooooht, dooooht, what shit is that, you want to molest me?
Play Globus: Portals Globus: Portals Sep. 24, 2012
my ears heart thanks to the "sound", 2/5
Play Troll Quiz Troll Quiz Aug. 01, 2011
i will immediatly report you to cyberpolice for this hatecrime in form of a quiz
Play Chuck Norris MMORPG Chuck Norris MMORPG Jul. 21, 2011
hadooooouken in your ass
Play How to make an MMORPG How to make an MMORPG Jul. 21, 2011
are you serious? that isnt a tutorial for creating a MMORPG, this is a attempt to TROLL
Play Scaterix Scaterix Sep. 27, 2010
that game is everything else but "addictive".
Play Mouse Maze Test Mouse Maze Test Jul. 13, 2010
no, please don't upload another 49 levels of that crap
Play Block-Dude Block-Dude Jun. 19, 2010
chocoman01, incredible, you did it. finally, after months of uploading the crappiest shit ever to this webpage you managed to programm something that could actually be called a game. anyway, the ui sucks, the sound is obviously stolen, the idea has been realized a thousand times before in better ways and after all: you still suck. 1/5 + flagged for uploading that stupid, boring and dumb shit to kongregate. shame on you, chocoman
Play Working with Variables in AS2 Working with Variables in AS2 May. 30, 2010
this game sucks, no sound
Play The Ultimate Fart Sounds The Ultimate Fart Sounds May. 15, 2010
eeehm... disgusting.
Play Everybody Edits 0.6.x Everybody Edits 0.6.x May. 10, 2010
this game is fantastic. great new concept, lovevly graphics and the possiblity to mutliplay it wiht lots of people just make it great. loved it, thanks a lot
Play Shooter Job Shooter Job May. 10, 2010
pretty easy, but overall well done
Play Circular Adventure Circular Adventure May. 10, 2010
yeah, finally a maze game that isn't totally crap, at least a 3/5! well done
Play Drawing Game Drawing Game May. 09, 2010
trial? fail!
Play Levels to the EXTREME Levels to the EXTREME May. 08, 2010
"It is my first game and it is a good try, it has lots of levels and is good"... eh not, it's not good.