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Play Don't Touch the Box Don't Touch the Box Sep. 24, 2011
komuroto, expected better from you....
Play Learn to Fly Learn to Fly Jan. 15, 2011
OMFG!!!!! THIS IS JUST CRUEL 5999???? ON THE 18TH DAY WTH!!!!????
Play Battle Dawn Battle Dawn Sep. 26, 2010
For people like who didn't know, (including me), there is a skip button to the tutorial. lower left hand corner near the button "start chat". Hope it helps.
Play Battle Dawn Battle Dawn Aug. 31, 2010
Just because some you newbies got conquered, doesn't mean you should rate the game bad. 5/5, even though I'm actually not that good myself... search for Jono in the games. :D press the + sign if you agree with me.
Play Battle Dawn Battle Dawn Aug. 27, 2010
For those who play this game just for the badges, screw you. XD
Play Battle Dawn Battle Dawn Aug. 27, 2010
everyone who sees this, fantasy one about to start!!!!!!!!!
Play Battle Dawn Battle Dawn Jul. 29, 2010
There should be an impossible or a hard badge for being the top player achievement. <-- Hard Impossible should be getting all the achievements.
Play CellCraft CellCraft Jul. 15, 2010
I love this game, 5 stars
Play Age of War Age of War Apr. 10, 2010
ditto to maastonakki the music is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Play Fragger Fragger Jul. 07, 2009
I really liked this game. Five Stars!