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Play i saw her across the world i saw her across the world Aug. 24, 2014
you need a bigger head to get past the super secret, which you can unlock after you get to the city of regina
Play Soccer Physics Soccer Physics Jul. 31, 2014
Play You have to get the cat onto the table You have to get the cat onto the table Nov. 02, 2013
liek if you cries evry tiem?
Play Road of the Dead 2 Road of the Dead 2 Nov. 02, 2013
Unless in an alley way, you can completely pull off to the side and stop the car untill the airstrikes pass, this is really usefull for when there are five of them at a time.
Play Run Run Sep. 22, 2013
Play Mecha Dress Up Game Mecha Dress Up Game Sep. 21, 2013
apparently matt was a big fan of fooly cooly, gurren lagan, and pokemon when he made this
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Sep. 21, 2013
Play Sonny 2 Sonny 2 Sep. 14, 2013
it came out like 6 years ago but i finally got the impossible trophy!
Play Battalion Commander Battalion Commander Sep. 01, 2013
You can stand under helicopters and they wont be able to hurt you, but you will deal damage to them.
Play Jagged Alliance Online Jagged Alliance Online Feb. 08, 2013
Play Legend of the Void 2 Legend of the Void 2 Oct. 11, 2012
I really liked the game and im hoping for a LOTV3. so as a big fan here is a few suggestions. 1. add elbow pointyness to character customization 2. add more classes... ya lnow like a robot class, maby even a narwhale class for fun. 3. add afro to char customization (for obvious reasons)*cough cough afro samurai cough* 4. keep up the good work i love the first
Play Legend of the Void 2 Legend of the Void 2 Oct. 11, 2012
Its amazing how flash games have become just as good as the console games except they are free!
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Sep. 15, 2012
protip. dont capture the tower right after recon. clean it up and then cap the factory. you will get more money and have less trouble.
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Sep. 14, 2012
i love it when a free flash game comes out that is as good and as long as the average console game. it just doesnt cost 60$
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Sep. 11, 2012
really theres a zombie apocalypse and one guy wants me to pay for guns!!!?
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Sep. 07, 2012
@nathangibbs. why spam kongregate when you could just go to the ninja kiwi website where they actually will see your complaint. p.s its a game dont waste to much time on it.
Play Level Up! Level Up! Aug. 13, 2012
Play Super Adventure Pals Super Adventure Pals Aug. 04, 2012
just when riding a giraffe and the awsome gamplot couldnt get better..... imma firin mah lazar!!!!!!!!
Play Bullet Audyssey Bullet Audyssey Dec. 06, 2011
PURE EPIC GAME!!! at first i didnt want to play another space 2d shooter but this was such a well designed game i played it all they way through. is there a soundtrack?
Play Dude and Zombies Dude and Zombies Dec. 06, 2011
GLITCH: when using the spit fire quickly change to a different weapon then change back using the Q and E keys. you will instantly reload and if you hold the mouse you will have a never ending flamethrower.its better than the minigun but has short range.