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Play VVVVVV Demo VVVVVV Demo Jan. 11, 2010
I think I'll get the full version! This was really fun
Play Run Run Jan. 05, 2010
Beat adventure mode and infinite mode! Hooray!
Play Multitask Multitask Aug. 12, 2009
92 by myself. What does it take to win?
Play Scriball Scriball Feb. 01, 2009
Are you a Scriball master???? Beat this level, it took me about 30 tries and a lot of frustration:
Play Two Rooms Two Rooms Feb. 01, 2009
I believe the data is back... sorry about all that
Play Two Rooms Two Rooms Jan. 24, 2009
I'm waiting on Kong for the badges
Play Scriball Scriball Jan. 22, 2009
I thought this was a fun and very addicting game. For several nights I have returned and tried to beat the last level I stopped on. The only problems I find are that there are some extremely hard levels strewn about in easier ones and that the music doesn't loop. The game mechanics do not bother me. Some people are really exaggerating the whole line "glitch" (etc. Lapper). Sure, its a little hard to get used to, but if you plan things out, your line will work just fine. Fun game 5/5
Play Two Rooms Two Rooms Jan. 12, 2009
Also, to Connertheman234, two of the songs are made by me
Play Two Rooms Two Rooms Jan. 12, 2009
To all those who say the music was stolen from Castle Crashers, the music is available for free on the Newgrounds Audio Portal and open to all flash developers.
Play Two Rooms Two Rooms Jan. 11, 2009
Hey everyone. I plan to implement the API soon, but not today. I've got a LOT of school work to do.