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Often overlooked by high school guidance counselors as a viable career option, witchcraft is nonetheless an extremely effective means of combat and self-actualization.

One such circle in the heart of France has mastered this nuanced art form with far more skill than their peers, turning an otherwise harmless practice into full-fledged combat viability.

Each member of the group has her own area of expertise, whether it be love, symbols, demons, potions or curses. Together they form a world-renowned team, though their motives remain unclear. Men who've made the mistake of becoming intimately involved with Eva, Margo and Sadie nonetheless report them as being "completely crazy, messed up witches."
Characters (click card to see back)

Eva Bovary, the Neophyte

When an old mystic ritual called for men's tears, crushed hearts, wrinkled love letters and rain-soaked roses, Eva hopped back into the dating scene.

Strengths: Manipulating close-range specialists, striking fleeing opponents
Vulnerabilities: Physical damage, long-range specialists

Agathe de Grey, the Old Crone

Agathe turned to combat after her overpowering stench prevented children from being lured into her Limburg cheese house.

Strengths: Self-healing, instant-kill curse
Vulnerabilities: Light magic, direct combat

Sophie Merovingian, the Symbologist

A master of fire and shadow, Sophie can deal massive steady damage given a bit of setup time.

Strengths: High damage over time
Vulnerabilities: Physical damage, light magic, no setup-free burst damage

Sadie Trudeau, the Summoner

Made from sugar and tonic and everything demonic, Sadie and her demon are a force to be reckoned with.

Strengths: Dark magic resistance, range flexibility
Vulnerabilities: Physical damage, light magic

Margo Curie, the Potion Brewer

Dissatisfied with the potency of over-the-counter potions, Margo transformed her basement into a bathtub-brewing laboratory.

Strengths: Self-healing, confusing enemies
Vulnerabilities: Direct combat, physical damage

Sigil of Heartache

Saying goodbye is never easy, but bleeding profusely afterward can make it especially difficult.

Periapt of Proof Against Poison and Other Things

These effects are fairly common, and some characters rely on these effects for much of their damage. The Periapt is effectively a lock-out for these abilities at worst, and a complete reversal at best, if your opponent isn't paying attention!

Coffin Nails

Though its usefulness might seem questionable at first, the Coffin Nails will guarantee that a slow, potentially game-changing attack (such as Margo's Hallucinogenic Incense) can't be canceled with death -- or at least not the first time.
Editions Owned
Witches original

The Black Book

Take some guessing out of Kongai, and lock your opponent in place. The Black Book can really ruin Marquis Le Morte's day, or anyone else reliant on switching in and out frequently.

Tarot Card: The High Priestess

The High Priestess - Least effective against teenage male players unable to resist building a boob-filled Kongai deck. Will affect masculine robots, but not young villagers whose gender can't be determined by the high priestess.