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Play Disaster Will Strike Disaster Will Strike May. 10, 2012
The wasps are gross. Good game though.
Play Burrito Bison Revenge Burrito Bison Revenge Mar. 14, 2012
Am I the only person who leans over to the right as I'm playing - just in case that makes the character go a little bit further?
Play Mushroom Man Mushroom Man Feb. 09, 2012
Can anyone give me hints for level 171 (Password = TOOZ)? Been stuck on this level for ages. :(
Play Cuboy: Cubeture 2 Cuboy: Cubeture 2 Feb. 04, 2012
I cannot get the final minigame to work. I get a red flag, go to the blue fort, walk backwards and forwards over it, bounce up and down on it, press up, press down, and I never drop the flag or get credit for getting it to my fort. :(
Play Mushroom Man Mushroom Man Jan. 31, 2012
I've sent you a shout with the solution alexanderdelarge.
Play Mushroom Man Mushroom Man Jan. 29, 2012
@hiramgrim - I've done 162, and have sent you a shout about it.
Play Mushroom Man Mushroom Man Jan. 27, 2012
Power of posting works again - slowly. I'm now stuck on level 162. I am determined to complete this game. At the speed I'm going with these later levels I will finish it sometime next year.
Play Mushroom Man Mushroom Man Jan. 22, 2012
Love the game. Got stuck on level 154 though and now I can't get any further without missing out levels. :(
Play All That Matters All That Matters Jan. 04, 2012
Could I just point out that your description should say "Help Walter reunite his unloving family in this puzzle-platform game." Reunite, not reunion... Sorry, but descriptions with poor English drive me nuts!
Developer response from sihirbaz

done! thanks a lot

Play Sundrops Sundrops Feb. 12, 2011
The human voices in the sound effects are driving me nuts.
Play Knightfall 2 Knightfall 2 Feb. 10, 2011
I hate the blurry font that the HP/AP/Gold scores are in. Sometimes I can't read them which is irritating when planning what to spend in the shop. I'd also like to be able to travel instantly to the shop and the tavern rather than navigating through each place. Other than that I'm enjoying it a lot!
Play Poltergifts Poltergifts Dec. 21, 2010
I had a gun, got too close to a boxing glove, picked up the boxing glove and lost the gun when I'd hardly started using it. Why! It makes no sense at all! I'm at 5.50am in wave mode, and I've played at that level dozens of times but the sheer randomness makes completing the game just random luck. :(
Play Poltergifts Poltergifts Dec. 21, 2010
I don't really understand the logic in making the weapons self destruct if they aren't picked up. :(
Play Isoball 3 Isoball 3 Dec. 11, 2010
For the tunnels... If there are two sets of tunnels you can tell the entrance/exit for each pair by looking at black lines above the tunnels. Each entrance/exit pair has the same type of lines. I wasted ages trying to find out where a ball would come out before I realised that!
Play Best Friends Forever 3 Best Friends Forever 3 Jul. 19, 2010
Level 25 was just too frustrating. I gave up in the end.
Play Purple Room Escape Purple Room Escape Apr. 02, 2010
There is item info. Click on an item then click on zoom. Not a bad game. 4/5
Play Shades Comic Shades Comic Mar. 23, 2010
On page 12 of 15, one of the monsters says "GAAH!" and the other says "GAAAH!" and it isn't counted as a difference!
Play Fantasy Spot The Difference Fantasy Spot The Difference Mar. 23, 2010
On level 1 I could clearly see a difference in the design of windows in the rightmost tower in each picture but clicking just kept reducing my score. And why is there no hint button?
Play Puzzles of Gemland Puzzles of Gemland Mar. 05, 2010
Whose bright idea was it to put the solutions on Facebook? Not everyone has an account there, and not everyone wants one!
Play Puzzles of Gemland Puzzles of Gemland Mar. 05, 2010
Nice game - I'm finding it hard though!