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Oct 1, 2015 3:57pm

we are on 37 and have lost login in on facebook and others had to start over told you didn’t recertify with facebook is thea true . Black Knights

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Jul 29, 2015 12:24am

hi, do you know if LOA is gone for good? (Lord of Ages) I have been without for 3 day now, im bummed. Wild Tangent dropped LOA so I had to make a new account and start all over in here in Kongregate, now I haven’t bee able to play it. Says page can’t be displayed.

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Aug 16, 2013 1:04pm

just a quick question but is s23 mergin with s18-s22 do you know?

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Jun 13, 2012 7:55pm

Hello All,
Hephaestus’s Hammer is coming on June 14(PST)!
It works during three time periods a day from June 14 to June 20
00:00 – 02:00
12:00 – 15:00
19:00 – 21:00

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Jul 20, 2011 9:43pm

Hi, it seems we still have 1 GM now in s2 where theres meant to be 2. It use to be j0ram but they are no longer the GM, got any plans for the next GM?

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hello5666 Aug 3, 2011 12:08am

Whos going to the be the other one?

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sevenkan Aug 3, 2011 3:42am

Now the GM of server 2 is [GM]jvrsjvrs, not j0ram.

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sevenkan Aug 6, 2011 3:40am

Do you check my words?
Now the GM of server 2 is [GM]jvrsjvrs .

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Jul 31, 2011 1:20pm

If your looking for a GM on sever 13, I’m happy to apply :)

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A_Wise_Fish Aug 2, 2011 6:13am

Ok, I’m on the site, but I can’t seem to log in (I assume you need to have an account on the site to post) It says my account is inactive. How do I activate it?

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sevenkan Aug 2, 2011 8:50pm

When you apply the account on the BBS, then you will receive an e-mail.
Do you receive the E-mail?

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sevenkan Aug 6, 2011 3:40am


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Dec 28, 2010 5:26pm

please answer my questions in the forum…who is going to be the mod in server 8?

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sevenkan Jul 14, 2011 12:24am

It’s [GM]LadyVan.

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Apr 20, 2011 7:26pm

cant get in srever 99

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sevenkan Jul 14, 2011 12:21am

Is it normal now?

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May 2, 2011 7:51pm

Can you help me with the problem i am having? Just check the forum for my problem thanks :)

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sevenkan Jul 14, 2011 12:21am

I will check the forum.

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Jun 16, 2011 2:11pm

Can you plz fix my issue on the forum, I’m running low on spearmen and I don’t wanna run out!!!

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sevenkan Jul 14, 2011 12:20am


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Jul 9, 2011 2:47am

check your pm please and ty

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sevenkan Jul 13, 2011 3:27am

ok, ty.

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Mar 29, 2011 12:29am

♥♥♥♥ I LOVE U!! ♥♥♥♥

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sevenkan Jul 13, 2011 3:26am

I love you too.

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Oct 25, 2010 12:59pm

Thanks for getting me my server 1 account back, but I think allowing me to get that has caused me to be unable to log into my server 2 account, which is mainly where I play and moderate. I would like to have access to this pronto, as I won’t be playing or modding until it is fixed. If I cannot have both accounts, I would rather have my server…

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