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Play Idle Gladiators Idle Gladiators Feb. 23, 2015
I maxed out upgrades in about 30 minutes, it's not really an idle game. Good idea, but it needs a lot more fleshing out
Play GrindCraft GrindCraft Feb. 16, 2015
I beat the game in about 90 minutes, for an idle game it's over fairly fast... An achievement list page, ability to reorganise the inventory, recipes telling you how much more of something you need and a longer endgame are needed, not a bad start though.
Play Clickilization Clickilization Feb. 15, 2015
It was ok, but over FAR too quickly
Play Biolab Disaster Biolab Disaster Feb. 04, 2015
Not a bad game. It is in desperate need of a mute function, and the screen should follow the character - when walking left in sections, you can see nothing in front of you and just have to blindfire. 3/5
Play Vortex Point 5 - Monster Movie Vortex Point 5 - Monster Movie Nov. 05, 2014
1 Star for the dickhead jump scare at the end ♥
Play Stick Squad Stick Squad Oct. 28, 2014
With voice acting this bad, you really should make the opening scene skippable, or at least mutable
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Sep. 06, 2014
Some new levels of achievements would be nice, I'm maxing them all out but still can't quite afford the final upgrades.
Play Idle Blacksmith Idle Blacksmith Sep. 04, 2014
Accidentally hit the sell all lowest ores button too many times, a confirmation box would be nice
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure May. 30, 2014
Very fun game, would be nice to be able to skip some of the drawn out animations, or to simply be able to click whilst they're going on
Play Hippolyta Hippolyta Apr. 16, 2014
Poor visibility, pointless nudity and no apparent way to turn off sound effects
Play Bit Chaser Bit Chaser Apr. 06, 2014
It unmutes every time I die, 1/5 for not fixing a tiny thing
Play MegaCity Deluxe HD MegaCity Deluxe HD Dec. 02, 2012
An undo button would REALLY be useful, even if it's only one use per game
Play Running Fred Running Fred Jul. 10, 2012
When the hell are we getting high stakes
Play Trial Biking Trial Biking Jun. 19, 2012
Non mutable bad music, generally bad game and bad controls
Play Freeway Challenge Freeway Challenge Jun. 18, 2012
Fairly sure doing 120km in a minute breaks all kinds of land speed records.
Play Tankwars Tankwars May. 21, 2012
With no one ever online, and no way to play single player, a 2/5 for at least trying. If you're going to make a multiplayer game, throw in a singleplay mode, just for when it's quiet
Play Running Fred Running Fred May. 14, 2012
Getting gold on all levels on a stage really should give us a reward of some kind - a costume or something
Play Old Mystery Castle Escape Old Mystery Castle Escape Apr. 08, 2012
Text is all meaningless, walkthrough is by someone who doesn't seem to know how to play the game. Graphics are good, but still 1/5 for unplayability
Play Pingy the Ping Idle RPG Pingy the Ping Idle RPG Mar. 26, 2012
If the snowman would revert to smallest size once hit, it'd be way better - after getting hit once whilst grinding for the quest, I have to keep getting hit to make myself small enough to be able to keep going
Play Light Bikes Light Bikes Mar. 08, 2012
awful AI