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Play Pursued - Where am I? Pursued - Where am I? Feb. 25, 2013
How the **** are we supposed to know 'tallinn'?
Developer response from nemesysgames

If you just keep on going straight on the street where you start there are some Tallin signs. Give it a Try

Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Dec. 18, 2012
Its basically a practice battle to test out your new cards/deck/ability your confused basically it has no use :p
Play Tyrant Tyrant Dec. 16, 2012
Mechanically it might be better to give it mimic and chaos
Play Dawn of the Dragons Dawn of the Dragons Dec. 16, 2012
Its because the problem with gold hasn't been fixed in two months Earnest
Play Utopian Mining Utopian Mining May. 07, 2012
...Motherload much?
Play Combat Hero Adventures Combat Hero Adventures Jun. 30, 2011
At first I read "Balls of God", then I realized it said goo.
Play Combat Hero Adventures Combat Hero Adventures Jun. 29, 2011
Private Smallcok :D
Play Grey Wars TD Grey Wars TD Jun. 12, 2011
...If we have the technology to create laser turrets capable of slaughtering these things by the hundreds, why are we afraid of them taking our cows?
Play Battle for Wayland Keep Battle for Wayland Keep May. 24, 2011
Play ZitS: the Saviour - Act 1 ZitS: the Saviour - Act 1 Mar. 24, 2011
The...The Opening Scene...WTF?!?!
Play Ben 10 Space War Ben 10 Space War Mar. 05, 2011
...Why is he humping a rocket?
Play Reactance Reactance Feb. 26, 2011
Music...So familiar...Argh! Now I've got to spend the next half hour wondering where I heard this before. Epic Combo? Only Level? Random piece of crap from new games section? The world may never know...
Play Super Duck Idle Action Rpg Super Duck Idle Action Rpg Feb. 24, 2011
I lol'd
Play Haiku Hero Haiku Hero Feb. 15, 2011
The Sparrow Flies North When It Spontaneously Combusts. What The Hell?
Play Sanctioned Renegades - Multiplayer FPS Sanctioned Renegades - Multiplayer FPS Feb. 05, 2011
This game finally came up on Kongregate? AWESOME! This has been one of my favorite FPS' in a long time.
Play Path of Honor: Chapter 1 Path of Honor: Chapter 1 Jan. 08, 2011
... Why is the Puma a Weinar Dog?
Play Fish Need Water Fish Need Water Dec. 20, 2010
Play You Find Yourself In A Room You Find Yourself In A Room Dec. 18, 2010
From the game Viricide, after you beat the 2nd level: “Well done, user! I have detected some trouble beginning to brew in my Villainy Deterrence System. Another setup of EXADI once experienced full failure of this safety measure. He spends his days forcing users to play text adventures and mocking their flaws.”
Play Mass Mayhem 2 Mass Mayhem 2 Dec. 09, 2010
WHere is the Rocket?
Play Anbot Anbot Nov. 28, 2010
So...Did anyone else spend fifteen minutes shooting missles at the boss before finding out that you can click the tank?