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    Oct. 09, 2010

“If you always say no, you will never say yes” -Ryan Higa
About Me
I am a Hegemony regular so if you want me pm or go there :).

I am not tied down to kong I play all different games like LoL TF2 DOTA and so many more if you want to add me on either its pandamanhood on both :).

Favorite anime: Mahoromatic

Favorite Kongregate game: Clout: The Game

Watching current Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

my personality can be described in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz25Q93mc5o


i got the stuff
To JigsawKillr: payment?
To JackMcFist: hey hey! i was suppost to walk away from this no questions asked!
JigsawKillr: …what? (reply)
To JigsawKillr: that payment
JigsawKillr: What payment? (reply)
To JigsawKillr: i brought you the stuff
JigsawKillr: Which stuff would this be? (reply)
JigsawKillr: My rock candy? (reply)
To JigsawKillr: you know…
To JigsawKillr: No…
JigsawKillr: “Rock Candy” sin. (reply)
To JigsawKillr: oh yeah
To JigsawKillr: i get you vibe
JigsawKillr: Code for Crystal Meth (reply)
To JigsawKillr: they are going to hear us
sinlun123: wear is the damn payment?
sinlun123: ****
JigsawKillr: They won’t hear us. (reply)
To JigsawKillr: well shit
JigsawKillr: …what the hell are you talking about?
To JigsawKillr: i fucked up
JigsawKillr: Play it off. (reply)
sinlun123: i wanted money for my lolli
sinlun123: but iggy wont pay for it );
To JigsawKillr: ok
To JigsawKillr: weres the money?
JigsawKillr: Good cover… (reply)
JigsawKillr: Remember that bench we sat on and made the deal? (reply)
To JigsawKillr: yeah
JigsawKillr: Remember that guy in the stall that sells the watches and shit? (reply)
JigsawKillr: The street vendor. (reply)
To JigsawKillr: yeah
To JigsawKillr: he was a shady guy…
JigsawKillr: Yeah. He’s not really a watch vendor. (reply)
To JigsawKillr: WHAT
sinlun123: but the sign said so
sinlun123: u pay 15 bux
JigsawKillr: The sign said Iggy would pay for your stuff?
To JigsawKillr: that was close
sinlun123: yeah
To JigsawKillr: no
JigsawKillr: Yeah, he gives me weapons from time to time. (reply)
To JigsawKillr: or is it?
JigsawKillr: All you do is tell him the code phrase. (reply)
To JigsawKillr: isnt it red hot scuttlebutts?
JigsawKillr: He’ll give you your money, it will be in a Aquaman tin lunchbox. (reply)
To JigsawKillr: ok
JigsawKillr: No, the code phrase is “Pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes” (reply)
To JigsawKillr: ok here it is
JigsawKillr: To which he will reply, “They’re nothing without gravy” (reply)
To JigsawKillr: ok
JigsawKillr: And you will say, “Gravy is just meat water” (reply)
To JigsawKillr: got it
JigsawKillr: That’s what will let him know you aren’t a spy. (reply)
JigsawKillr: People don’t check their corners nowadays. (reply)
To JigsawKillr: ok
JigsawKillr: Where’s my candy? (reply)
To JigsawKillr: right here
To JigsawKillr: ok
JigsawKillr: Hand it over. (reply)
To JigsawKillr: hitler will be waiting at the docs to pick you up
To JigsawKillr: here
sinlun123: take it
JigsawKillr: Why Hitler? (reply)
JigsawKillr: You dirty whore.
To JigsawKillr: putin doesnt want to
JigsawKillr: Take all of it.
JigsawKillr: Leedleleedlelee
JigsawKillr: I wouldn’t meet Putin anyway. He’s a dick. (reply)
JigsawKillr: Where are we going again? (reply)
To JigsawKillr: ok you must hurry now i think they are getting suspiscious
sinlun123: you are going to the doc
sinlun123: to pick up da pancake sauce
To JigsawKillr: well they are going to tihnk im crazy now
JigsawKillr: …that was out loud, chap. (reply)
To JigsawKillr: we must leave now before they find out
JigsawKillr: Does anyone else here know what the hell is going on?
JigsawKillr: Yus. (reply)
To JigsawKillr: bye
JackMcFist: I see you talking to yourself.
JackMcFist: I just assume you’re insane.
hiperson134: sex with my mom is better than no sex at all
hiperson134: and she’s got experience, so it’s actually pretty good
hiperson134: a little loose, but hey, I passed through there
lynx45678: Necrophilia is very fun, Hip.

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