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Play I AM PLAYR I AM PLAYR Mar. 30, 2013
The shoes are either too expensive or the rate you earn coins from games is too slow. I understand that you devs are relying on micro transactions to monetize this game, but you could handle those concerns by altering other parts of the game to compensate, like requiring more match fitness per match, forcing more energy usage.
Play I AM PLAYR I AM PLAYR Feb. 09, 2013
As a whole I love this game, but the energy system is a killer. The suggestions that come to mind are either make the energy refill more quickly or automatically reset to full after a match.
Play Space Tower Space Tower Dec. 02, 2012
Seems a little crowded in terms of platforms, and a small UI tweak I'd suggest would be letting the player press the jump button to start again after failing rather than having to click the screen.
Play JumpingLine JumpingLine Aug. 16, 2012
This is really well done, the minimalistic style works really well, and it has a good progression in terms of complexity. Great work.