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Dec 24, 2012 4:04pm

Skyres I saw your post on the LoTS Wall and I thought I should tell you in the Galaxy Dome you gain ranks and get GP these are basically your experience for the Galaxy Dome. When you reach a high enough GD level you can buy armor with credits!!! You can buy as many as you’d like because in Skirmish and GD you can use multiple Armor to fight!…

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Kongregate Announcement

Oct 2, 2011 4:35pm

The administration has received complaints about your recent behavior in Kongregate chat. While in chat, please remember that you are bound by the Kongregate Terms of Service so please refrain from spamming, cursing excessively, harassing other users, or using overly-sexual language. If you have any questions about appropriate chat behavior, please…

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