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Play save Israel save Israel Jan. 15, 2009
the bible its not just a book its a real story. they are remains of the story. there is facts the bible was based on real events we own israel for a long time before the arabic people come this country belong to the jewish people god promised this land to the jewish people and we also bought this land. the arabs dont belong to this land
Play save Israel save Israel Jan. 13, 2009
simen27: i got two things to say to you: F*CK you and i F*CKed your mother last night (she is good in bed) and also all who say bad things on israel is a F*CKing g-a-y if you dont understand our conflict you keep your mouth shut and why all of you support terror????? and what the israeli people did so wrong?? why you hate israel so much??? i dont get it
Play save Israel save Israel Jan. 09, 2009
all who say israel is the bad ones i wish you all that some kind of terror organization will bomb your city every day and every night while you playing the computer or watching t.v. or even when you are in the toilet you will hear an alarm that says you have 15 seconds to get to your shelter or the rocket will blow you up i like to see what your government will do about this nightmare(our nightmare) think about it