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Play Galactic Clicker Galactic Clicker Dec. 20, 2014
I wish I could use my fleet for some combat :(
Play Slimey's Quest Slimey's Quest Dec. 19, 2014
Really nice game =) all we need now is a timer and a highscore table. and people will play for hours :D
Developer response from Letmethink2

I did think about timers and highscores, but I feel like this game will lose some of its calmness and ease of play if I add one. People will be playing frantically rather than taking everything in.

Play 1800s 1800s Dec. 18, 2014
You really need to fix the upgrade window going offscreen. Im using firefox. and when I try to upgrade the 5:th one (last one the right side) the whole upgrade window goes offscreen on the right side
Developer response from Ryckyy

Yeah, I've updated the game to change this already, I'll upload the new version shortly, cheers

Play Idle Game Dev Idle Game Dev Dec. 14, 2014
The game got 4/5 from me. But when I saw the final game type "idle" I laughed and the game got 5/5 from me xD
Play Lucky Shot Lucky Shot Nov. 18, 2014
More upgrades. and make so you can buy stuff with those stars!
Developer response from zoite

There are now upgrades!

Play Monster Clicker Monster Clicker Nov. 16, 2014
Autosave doesn't work.. flash crashed for me, and whole save is gone :(
Play Metamorphosis Metamorphosis Nov. 07, 2014
Game doesn't work on firefox...
Play Battle of Gamma Cephei Battle of Gamma Cephei Nov. 03, 2014
Heh.. dude.. balance much? At level 2 you get your ass kicked.. cannot even clear that level.. this need a total overhall!
Developer response from revenant__

Thanks! working on it now. UPD: first waves are now easier, and tutorial expanded greatly to give hints on good upgrade strategy

Play Time Gangsters Time Gangsters Oct. 30, 2014
Saving doesn't work...
Play Programmer 9-5 Day Job Programmer 9-5 Day Job Oct. 26, 2014
If you sleep when you boss sees you.. you lose some performance points (from level 2 atleast)
Play Idle Conquest Idle Conquest Oct. 20, 2014
How do I raise my army power? I got 5.7mil troops, but only 2900 power :s
Developer response from CodeRiftStudios

Keep making troops! Or alternatively boost up your gold production and buy a bunch of altars, mass produce thousands of dark knights, then reset and do it all much faster!

Play Money Makers [BETA] Money Makers [BETA] Sep. 07, 2014
Cool game. but the energy system really needs to be reworked. it's fun for 20-30 min, but then you cannot play with the stocks for 6 hours until you regained full energy :/ A minigame like someone mentioned below would really make the game more fun to play! exercise machines? gym style? resturant? recreation? or some way to earn more energy regen things...
Developer response from cannons

For some reasons ($$$$ O.O $$$$) energy is a "currency" you cannot get form "inside" of the game. In final version you will be able to get energy in other ways such as asking or inviting your friends, completing sourveys or winning a daily wheel of prize

Play Fetchd IDLE Fetchd IDLE Aug. 27, 2014
move? why do you need to move? Ive stayed in the same position and im already maxed my turret types and moving in into level 8 stuff!
Play Idle Tree Idle Tree Jul. 24, 2014
Really great balance between idle play and active play! :D Epic music and funny upgrades =D 5/5
Play Thrones of Fantasy Thrones of Fantasy Jun. 18, 2014
The loading speed between attacks (the purple line) draws alot on my computer for some reason, that the whole game lags hard... :(
Play Thrones of Fantasy Thrones of Fantasy Jun. 17, 2014
The lag in this game is horrible :O And it get's worse the higher level I get...
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 08, 2014
Ive found a bug.. If you press 2 mousebuttons at once. and you can only afford to buy it 1 time.. you go negative value on your money!
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 08, 2014
So tell me again why I want angel investors? I don't seem to notice what my 102 investors are doing....
Play Epic Creature Hunter I Epic Creature Hunter I May. 27, 2014
there is no end.. Final phoenix is the "end" but they just stack up. 1,2,3,4,5,6 and so on.. im on 31 atm
Play IdleHero IdleHero May. 15, 2014
The point of this game... do dungeons fast, let the game afk over night. Weapon should have High dmg and also accuracy. Armor should have only HP and Armor. nothing else.. For accessory attack speed IS most important stat.. Advice from top player (atm atleast)