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Play Tap Heroes Tap Heroes Mar. 02, 2015
How to beat level 170: tons of points in the beginning to keep you alive long enought for your archer to start stunning him..
Play Tap Heroes Tap Heroes Feb. 27, 2015
Cute nice game 5/5, no lag for me (using newest firefox...) chrome sucks nowdays, firefox is back on top.. get used to it guys and girls :P
Play Prince And Princess Metamorphosis Prince And Princess Metamorphosis Feb. 25, 2015
Sorry mate. fix the controls.. jumping and pressing move on the sides doesn't work. 1/5
Play Drift Raiders Drift Raiders Feb. 12, 2015
Dude wtf?! Unplayable as hell... Using firefox nevest update. I cannot hold down the button to move. I have to pump-press it fast as hell to even get the car moving.. 1/5 unplayable!
Play League of Tanks 2 League of Tanks 2 Jan. 19, 2015
So.. Killed all 3 tanks, destroyed 2 walls. not what?
Play Nyan Idle Cat Nyan Idle Cat Jan. 17, 2015
You have Nyaned for xx seconds :D
Play An Idle Life An Idle Life Jan. 12, 2015
Sorry mate. Game is broken in firefox.. Teething does nothing, growth does nothing.. only mothers love does anything.. but the game is not working AT all
Developer response from battlecatx

No problem I never tested the game in firefox I'll see what I can do. And can you tell me if your using any add on's such as no script?

Play Super Idle Master Super Idle Master Jan. 11, 2015
It works now! The 150/150 upgrade goes to +450/+450, and then +999/+999 and from there, there is no upgrade :/ Tho I would see more upgrades! atleast to 10k since the rocks cost about 2-300k each :/ And use 1,2,3 stripes as upgrade thing to the left of the button, and 1,2,3 stars, then go to the bent stripe in silver and 1,2,3 stars =)
Developer response from lavaflame2

Yea I'm so happy its working! Give me some time--the current amount of button levels is just a placeholder. I just uploaded the game. Updates will come :)

Play Super Idle Master Super Idle Master Jan. 10, 2015
I wouldn't call it a bug. But those lines, stars and stripe and star on the left side of the button should show more stars and stuff before changing :P And also. after +150/+150 with ^ with a * below. it goes back to +1/+1 again :(
Developer response from lavaflame2

Are you sure...? Refresh the game and try again... I updated it so it shouldnt do that...

Play Party Hard Party Hard Jan. 06, 2015
Best game ever! :D I only would want to be able to force the victims into place. I was down to 2 girls, the black guy and DJ left. but no one left the room, so I could never kill anyone :( Would be nice if the victims would avoid me for some reason when they move, so you can "push" them into spaces. And ofc more item interaction! I want to blow the DJ speakers because he never changes the song! :(
Developer response from makerart


Play War Tower War Tower Dec. 28, 2014
For the final boss. all you need is maxed out everything and and have really high hit%.. like 99% or more
Play War Tower War Tower Dec. 28, 2014
Killed he boss, got no medal for it :(
Play Galactic Clicker Galactic Clicker Dec. 25, 2014
I played for 24h without resetting.. then I reset once gaining a few 1000 PPI, then in about 30 minutes, im way ahead of where I was before resetting.. PPI helps, alot!
Play Galactic Clicker Galactic Clicker Dec. 20, 2014
I wish I could use my fleet for some combat :(
Play Slimey's Quest Slimey's Quest Dec. 19, 2014
Really nice game =) all we need now is a timer and a highscore table. and people will play for hours :D
Developer response from Letmethink2

I did think about timers and highscores, but I feel like this game will lose some of its calmness and ease of play if I add one. People will be playing frantically rather than taking everything in.

Play 1800s 1800s Dec. 18, 2014
You really need to fix the upgrade window going offscreen. Im using firefox. and when I try to upgrade the 5:th one (last one the right side) the whole upgrade window goes offscreen on the right side
Developer response from Ryckyy

Yeah, I've updated the game to change this already, I'll upload the new version shortly, cheers

Play Idle Game Dev Idle Game Dev Dec. 14, 2014
The game got 4/5 from me. But when I saw the final game type "idle" I laughed and the game got 5/5 from me xD
Play Lucky Shot Lucky Shot Nov. 18, 2014
More upgrades. and make so you can buy stuff with those stars!
Developer response from zoite

There are now upgrades!

Play Monster Clicker Monster Clicker Nov. 16, 2014
Autosave doesn't work.. flash crashed for me, and whole save is gone :(
Play Metamorphosis Metamorphosis Nov. 07, 2014
Game doesn't work on firefox...