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Play Trimps Trimps Jul. 13, 2015
GREAT NEWS! Now only food affects barns, wood affects shed and metal affects forges.. meaning you don't need an overproduction constantly of wood in the beginning and food later on.. now you can balance your enconomy alot better =)
Play squirrels vs zombies squirrels vs zombies Jun. 11, 2015
No instruktions.. 1/5 points..
Developer response from jocmania

You've never played plants vs zombies?

Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders May. 12, 2015
Level 10 is max level atm? (Pabulum Pit)
Play BroForce BroForce Mar. 29, 2015
keys are wrong.. Z = fire gun, X = Throw granades, C for fist!
Play Bitcoin Blaster Bitcoin Blaster Mar. 25, 2015
Final level.. no ty..
Play Armor Hero Combustion Vehicles Armor Hero Combustion Vehicles Mar. 16, 2015
Worst game ever :s
Play Gravity Driver Gravity Driver Mar. 15, 2015
-100 points for superloud bang noice! :(
Play Easy easy idle Easy easy idle Mar. 11, 2015
Save doesn't work.. :(
Play Valiant Knight Save The Princess Valiant Knight Save The Princess Mar. 11, 2015
Doesn't load on Firefox.. stuck at "loading......"
Play Death Squad Death Squad Mar. 10, 2015
This game just because so much booring when people keep sending in hacked score :/ NEFSYSW, Lirrenure, peewee91ro, Silloe, Humart, Bergtroll, Graellic, soulidaras, Deus_lexx, Lukashiky, Kevyn_C. all those people have cheated with the scores.. seriously ppl, can't you go become a programmer instead and contribute instead of ruin games ?
Developer response from IDNoise

This happens in every game and it's a shame :(

Play Death Squad Death Squad Mar. 09, 2015
Click-to-collect rewards active gameplay.. it's good =)
Play Death Squad Death Squad Mar. 09, 2015
Guns doesn't cost anything to just need to have 2000 in the bank to get a new one (money doesn't get drawn from your bank) same with scattergun, if you have 6500 you can refit your whole scout without it costing you anything (then you start to upgrade with the 6500 you have) also. why do I have 6 weaponslots when I only use 4 of them...?
Developer response from IDNoise

I'll fix free weapons in next update. But what do you mean only 4 slots? Every squad ship has 6 weapon slots.

Play Family Rush Family Rush Mar. 09, 2015
Only problem I have with the game is that there is to many air units to be honest.. I find myself 90% of the time trying to shoot down all the air-units from slaughtering my party all the time.. should take away 1/3 to 1/2 of them, because it becomes easy to many to deal with...
Play Tap Heroes Tap Heroes Mar. 02, 2015
How to beat level 170: tons of points in the beginning to keep you alive long enought for your archer to start stunning him..
Play Tap Heroes Tap Heroes Feb. 27, 2015
Cute nice game 5/5, no lag for me (using newest firefox...) chrome sucks nowdays, firefox is back on top.. get used to it guys and girls :P
Play Prince And Princess Metamorphosis Prince And Princess Metamorphosis Feb. 25, 2015
Sorry mate. fix the controls.. jumping and pressing move on the sides doesn't work. 1/5
Play Drift Raiders Drift Raiders Feb. 12, 2015
Dude wtf?! Unplayable as hell... Using firefox nevest update. I cannot hold down the button to move. I have to pump-press it fast as hell to even get the car moving.. 1/5 unplayable!
Play League of Tanks 2 League of Tanks 2 Jan. 19, 2015
So.. Killed all 3 tanks, destroyed 2 walls. not what?
Play Nyan Idle Cat Nyan Idle Cat Jan. 17, 2015
You have Nyaned for xx seconds :D
Play An Idle Life An Idle Life Jan. 12, 2015
Sorry mate. Game is broken in firefox.. Teething does nothing, growth does nothing.. only mothers love does anything.. but the game is not working AT all
Developer response from battlecatx

No problem I never tested the game in firefox I'll see what I can do. And can you tell me if your using any add on's such as no script?