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Play Jump Jump Feb. 09, 2010
Thanks! The music is composed by me myself in GarageBand, I call this song "The Annoying Loop" :D But it's cool that someone likes it (:
Play Jump Jump Feb. 09, 2010
From FAQ: "Although MochiAds are not displayed on, we highly recommend their services for all Flash game developers. MochiAds is simple to set up and generates revenue every time a game is played no matter which site it's played on... even if it gets copied to thousands of different sites all over the Internet. "
Play Jump Jump Feb. 09, 2010
I can't have Mochi Ads (that are disabled — do you see them?), but does ToS state that I can't have mochi leaderboards?
Play Jump Jump Feb. 09, 2010
I have to admit that iPhone's various similar games (Doodle Jump, Papi Jump) all were inspirational. But that's because I liked them (: So I suppose it's somewhat subjective.
Play Enigmata Enigmata Jan. 29, 2010
SO needlessly complicated.
Play Alice is Dead - Ep 2 Alice is Dead - Ep 2 Jan. 20, 2010
The series are truly EPIC {: Eagerly wait for Ep. 3.
Play GeoSketch GeoSketch Nov. 21, 2009
Just discovered a incredible thing: probably the most famous number sequence in the world, the fibonacci sequence, produces unique forms. Sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34… Every following number is sum of two members before it. Try using numbers 1, 1, 2 or 1, 2, 3, or 2, 3, 5, or 3, 5, 8… You got the idea. However, if you change slightest detail (like use 8-13-22 instead of 8-13-21) the form will not look like anything else in the sequence. By the way, you can read more about this sequence by googling for "Divine proportion".
Play Tridraw Tridraw Nov. 08, 2009
Transparency is awesome idea, will try to implement. Anyway, this little thingie was made in 30 minutes just as proof of concept. Might remove it after some time together with other my lame games (:
Play Little Wheel Little Wheel Jun. 12, 2009
Wonderful little game. Something very fresh. Mm, and lovely jazz music.
Play Super Stacker Super Stacker Dec. 25, 2008
The design is bad rip-off of iPhone's Topple. Other than that, pretty nice.
Play Savanna Blocks Savanna Blocks Nov. 11, 2008
make iPhone app with neat graphics. it would be a killer.
Play Gateway II Gateway II Oct. 24, 2008
It's beautiful.
Play Run Run Oct. 21, 2008
Play loops of zen loops of zen Oct. 03, 2008
just love it. wonderful game.
Play Kongai Kongai Jul. 08, 2008
Sooo complicated. Too much to know.
Play Doyu Defense v1.0 Doyu Defense v1.0 Feb. 16, 2008
a bit too short. and please integrate scores API.
Play Doyu Defense v1.0 Doyu Defense v1.0 Feb. 16, 2008
nice. people here on Kongregate really like those tower defence games {:
Play Mystery Guess Mystery Guess Feb. 14, 2008
Nice idea. But need's a better design.
Play HitBall HitBall Feb. 13, 2008
To hit without being hurt: either hit with a lot of energy (big circle) or jump too far so you hit enemy while moving to the point. If you land in safe area you won'be hurt.
Play fungus fungus Feb. 13, 2008
Yeti, it's Apple+click on a Mac.