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Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Walkthrough Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Walkthrough Mar. 04, 2013
I've begun to write an in-depth guide here ( if anyone is interested. It will soon cover all of the battles and zones, boss strategies, item (and chest) locations, a bestiary, all of the puzzles and overall, a bit more information than this guide. Great job Kupo with the game!
Play Trigger Knight Trigger Knight Dec. 03, 2011
I like this game, but take a cue from BerzerkStudio's "Frantic Frigates" and allow the players to gain bonuses from leveling up so that starting from the beginning of the game isn't as boring/tedious. Frantic Frigates does this perfectly and still allows for challenge even after you're fully upgraded. What I'd like to see when you level up is more health, power, life-span and attack speed. I'm looking forward to a sequel and hopefully some of the problems addressed by the other commentators will be resolved and there will be less reliance on luck.
Play Hands of War 2 Hands of War 2 Apr. 05, 2011
Great game! I wrote a couple of walkthroughs on my website,, for Hands of War 2! Guardian walkthrough: Phoenix walkthrough:
Play Orange Orange Jan. 26, 2011
Very relaxing game Ivory! :D I love the gameplay, but I'd like to see firing change to when you're holding down the mouse (auto-fire style), not necessarily every time you click. However, I do love the dominate orange color which correlates very well to the title of the game. The character movement was quiet intriguing as part of you lagged behind as you darted across the screen and eventually caught up on a complete halt. I love the idea of having to hit the enemies out the screen when trying to push "fatty" off the edge of the screen. The animation was smooth and the artwork, as always is sublime! The music was most appropriate for such a game as it not only matched your sumo metaphor, but also mixed well with and created the feel of relaxation. Anyway, keep up the amazing games Ivory and I hope to see more from you in the future.
Play Disgusting Game Stealers Disgusting Game Stealers Dec. 12, 2010
Gamesrishti, you ought to realize that there are hundreds, if not thousands of websites that will steal games and do so every day. I remember one developer remarking that by the end of the first day that they had submitted their (note: popular game) game over 4000 websites had hosted it. For the most part site-locking is the best way to go if you don't want your game to appear on any website besides the websites that you specify, but if the thieves go further than that an decompile your game to the point where they are able to remove the site-lock than there is really nothing else that you can do. What I would so is add Mochi Ads ( to the game and then let the thieves make money for you. It's a win-win and besides, the thieves are only making fractions of a penny off your game through ad revenue on the website.
Play IntoSpace! IntoSpace! Nov. 11, 2010
Here are a couple of tips for the hard badge, which I personally think should be a medium. Anyways, here's a couple of tips: 1) Use the smallest hull possible. Your goal is to not get hit at all, not to be protected to hits, so choosing the smallest hull is going to be the best choice to attempt this task. 2) Cut the engine whenever you need to slow down. This is especially important in the beginning of the level (the launch-off zone). 3) This one is obvious, but have your maneuverability maxed. Hopefully if you keep these tips in mind you'll have no problem earning the hard badge. Anyways, terrific game, I hope to see more BarbarianGames!
Play Closed In Addendum Closed In Addendum Nov. 06, 2010
I loved the game, it was interesting and had an eerie style to it, but the game was way to short and it didn't seem like there was a lot to the game. I would have liked the game to be expanded a bit; have more endings - from my understanding there is only two. I have to agree with TheOriginalNarg on many issues that could be debated over this game, but overall it's undeniable that is was simple to short. This game has great potential, just add more to it! For now, 2/5.
Play Animated Text Animated Text Sep. 26, 2010
In case any of you were wondering on what language it's in, (and possibly the translation to English) it's written in Turkish. In English "Yazi" means "Writing", "Yazi Boyutu" mean "Writing Size" and "Oluştur" means "Create". I thought this could have been better, I frequently encountered glitches of some sort than hid my text and thus, making it impossible to use. I would like to see an updated version with more animations and for those glitches to be cleaned up so that we can easily view the animations.
Play Little Monster Little Monster Sep. 25, 2010
In case any of you were wondering on how to see your score, you can highlight the "Total Score" text and then move your cursor down (while still having the "Total Score" text highlighted) and then you will see your score. This game has a good concept and I loved the art, but the jumping and hit detection ruined it in my opinion, if you were to fix those two problems, Mimogames, and then possibly add more levels you could have an amazing game going. I would like to see how this game comes out in the future and see if you can improve it!
Play Achievement Unlocked 2 Achievement Unlocked 2 Aug. 19, 2010
I wrote a walkthrough with added commentary if you're stuck on an achievement. You can view the walkthrough here: Besides that the game is amazing, I love the metagaming about metagaming theme, whereas you are supposed to collect every achievement!
Play New User Tutorial New User Tutorial Jul. 31, 2010
I noticed that you didn't get all the way through the tutorial Urmelhelble, there is some pretty useful information that some people may not know exist on Kongregate (mostly new members of course) and I tried to answer some of the most basic questions that are asked by members daily, such as how to change their avatars or how to mute someone. I think this tutorial can ultimately be a helpful resource for new members which haven't been on the site too long.
Play New User Tutorial New User Tutorial Jul. 31, 2010
Thanks Clarinecat :D
Play How to Make an Un-cheatable Maze Game [AS2 - For Beginners] How to Make an Un-cheatable Maze Game [AS2 - For Beginners] Jul. 25, 2010
Just uploaded a new version fixing the tab glitch. I cannot [or I wish not to] upload a version with selectable text, because for some reason the really lags everything, so sorry guys, besides the code is only 1-4 lines :D
Play How to Make an Un-cheatable Maze Game [AS2 - For Beginners] How to Make an Un-cheatable Maze Game [AS2 - For Beginners] Jul. 21, 2010
Vogelsong, have you added the second frame to your Main Timeline yet. If you haven’t try that and add: stop(); to your first frame and add the second frame. If that’s not the problem, is there any errors that come up?
Play How to Make an Un-cheatable Maze Game [AS2 - For Beginners] How to Make an Un-cheatable Maze Game [AS2 - For Beginners] Jul. 21, 2010
I just want to clear up a few thing for the people who say that this isn't a game. Well it isn't, sort of,there is a Tutorial section on Kongregate, specifically made for developers and programmers alike, it's found here: so please don't downrate this without knowing that there is in-fact a tutorial section, sorry for the confusion guys and I hope you rate this fairly.
Play How to Make an Un-cheatable Maze Game [AS2 - For Beginners] How to Make an Un-cheatable Maze Game [AS2 - For Beginners] Jul. 21, 2010
Mchlmltn, this is a tutorial and if you read the instructions you'd know that you can navigate through the tutorial with the arrow keys, hope that clears some things up.
Play How to Make an Un-cheatable Maze Game [AS2 - For Beginners] How to Make an Un-cheatable Maze Game [AS2 - For Beginners] Jul. 21, 2010
grilico, this is a tutorial for people who want to make a game in Flash AS2. Hopefully that clears things up if you were confused in some way.
Play X-30 Training X-30 Training Jul. 19, 2010
I think, gaining altitude, shouldn't be as sudden. Other than that the game is unique, it's like a helicopter game mixed with a unique point system, but sadly, the altitude adjustment ruin most of the game, since it becomes extremely difficult to control the ship. I bet if you fixed this that the game [at least in my opinion] would be viewed much better. Great game as of right now 3/5.
Play chat box test chat box test Jul. 09, 2010
I would understand if this was an incomplete game and you wanted to upload it possibly, but uploading an image to Kongregate of your chat game, makes no sense. I'd have to flag this game, sorry.
Play Brick Breaker Football World Cup Edition Brick Breaker Football World Cup Edition Jul. 08, 2010
Guys, try right-clicking, and hitting play. Then hit restart that appears on the game screen and finally hit play that appears on the game screen then you'll be able to play.