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Play Prophet Prophet Aug. 02, 2015
8 first levels are quite easy, and then, since level 9, it becomes to be very hard, stressfull, and finally, it really needs some checkpoints, or a way to look around to avoid those boring unnecessary deaths...
Play Pel Pel Aug. 02, 2015
27520 and it is already insane Oo'
Play Tough Love Machine Tough Love Machine Aug. 01, 2015
one of the best puzzle game ever, the concept is unique, the atmosphere is just perfect, the sounds are very originals, and it is hardest as we can think at first
Play Finite Moves Finite Moves Jul. 30, 2015
awesomely cool
Play Expand It:Travels Expand It:Travels Jul. 25, 2015
but the 3 or 4 last levels seem to be unfinished: you can finish them with expanding only the rectangle at the top...
Play Expand It:Travels Expand It:Travels Jul. 25, 2015
the game is really good!
Play The Zombie Show The Zombie Show Jul. 25, 2015
too short: make more levels
Play Logical Element Logical Element Jul. 25, 2015
good game even if i just play trying combinations without use my brain at all :-)
Play BLOCnog BLOCnog Jul. 24, 2015
very nice game and i like the music too
Play Find The Candy:Kids Find The Candy:Kids Jul. 22, 2015
level 9: no, it's not snail bob 10
Play Indefinite: Interrogation Game Indefinite: Interrogation Game Jul. 20, 2015
very original, yes
Play Bullet Hell Bullet Hell Jul. 16, 2015
if it were not bugged, it could be a very cool game, but 50% of the times, the game is just not playable after only one level...
Play Cycle Scramble Cycle Scramble Jul. 14, 2015
badly balanced game
Play Crash Them All Crash Them All Jul. 13, 2015
america: all levels passed in one shot... europ: can't pass first level even if i crash 95% of the vehicules...
Play Juggle Juggle Jul. 11, 2015
sounds addictive but is stupid
Play Space Errands Space Errands Jul. 11, 2015
bad clone of a good game
Play Cow Bandits Cow Bandits Jul. 11, 2015
doesn't load here too :'(
Play MazeCat MazeCat Jul. 11, 2015
perhaps deleted games should be removed from here, no?
Play Disaster Will Strike 5 Disaster Will Strike 5 Jul. 10, 2015
eggzaktly the kind of game i like + water is a nice new feature
Play Hanger 2 Hanger 2 Jul. 05, 2015
i still love that