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Jul 10, 2012 1:05pm

footman is so awesome :) you deserve a favorite, and a 5/5 for it!

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assaultmech Jul 10, 2012 1:08pm

and also a follow, i noticed you have no followers… but thats changed now :D

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May 8, 2012 10:29am

Can you continue to make the newer versions of footman? that is a brilliant game that i love to play, and its probably one of the better strategy games i’ve ever played.
Now this is just the demo.

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songtan May 9, 2012 12:01pm

Thanks for the kind word. I have been trying to get back to updating it. Truth is, it’s tough finding time and money do it. You have my words that I’ll try. But you may have to wait a whil…

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Jan 17, 2012 5:10am

Full version of Footman, please?

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Jun 24, 2011 1:26am

i love your game.. .are you planning on expanding it? or making a v2?

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songtan Jun 24, 2011 4:16am

Thanks for the kind word. I’ve been working on a new version with more strategic gameplay and features. I’ve post the latest development on my blog with playable demo, you can check it out…

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