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Play Kill the Plumber Kill the Plumber Apr. 29, 2015
12 seems to be buggy making it (near) impossible. How do I consistently get stomped on while falling on "the plumber", does he have feet on his head?
Play Overlod Overlod Nov. 05, 2014
It is just me, or doesn't being offline give you gold anymore?
Play Overlod Overlod Oct. 15, 2014
I "like" how the same number of cheaper units do more damage than same number of more expensive units with the same boss and ritual level. Damage aspect in the campaign seriously needs rebalancing.
Play Overlod Overlod Oct. 14, 2014
Campaign should give you more than just gold (best thing would be a multiplier, or at least souls as many as the hit points). Currently it has no benefit for the amount of effort and gold you need to spend on it.
Play Fixation Fixation Apr. 30, 2012
Loading still doesn't work :(
Play Glow Web Glow Web Apr. 30, 2012
Disappointing in how easy it is. This version of the game removes some of the more challenging rules from the other versions (such as: a light is on only if there is a single laser crossing it, it turns of if there are multiple; or you can't place nodes on lights; or lights and lasers have different colors; or at least a point based system that awards you for finding the solution with minimum number of nodes moves), which makes it even easier. It could be a great game if it was more challenging.
Play Schoolgirl vs Orcs Schoolgirl vs Orcs Apr. 11, 2012
It is more like a movie than a game= Buy automatic guns only: You'll be able to buy first at end of level 2, second at end of level 9 third at the end of level 14. (There are 15 levels). Stay in lowground unless you are picking up loot so the ranged guys mostly miss you. Other than that, keep shooting and slightly move around to avoid damage. This game needs a lot more depth and variation to make it successful. Upgrades are usually a good choice, more varied environment and enemies always help, but they must be varied in the way they work, not only in the way they look. Simple examples that are abundantly used: platforms, environmental dangers, environments that have a special effect or items you can collect. For enemies: flying enemies, fast enemies, suicide bombing enemies... With these, you'd still have a mindless shooter, but a more fun one, rather than a monotone one.
Play My Life is Yours My Life is Yours Apr. 09, 2012
Unique puzzle game vaguely based on Greek mythos. One suggestion: Make endings a bit more differentiated (at the very least you can add images that represent the result shown with the description of the ending).
Play Commando Defense Commando Defense Mar. 26, 2012
I like the idea of single guy running around, trying to setup towers, but in the current state, the game is too monotonous. In every stage, you have same amount of money, to build one powerful tower, and against random enemies. The only choice is to where to put the first tower. My recommendations: * upgrades. Improve little guy, improve towers, change economics (e.g. starting money, money from kills, tower costs). * Varied enemy setup: Make stages unique and difficult, so each stage is a new challenge. * Tower/emeny variation: Have some towers only target (or be only effective against) some enemies, consider enemies having special abilities. * Balance: Towers are either too expensive, have min damage. The allies are useless. Most tower locations are useless becuae of tower ranges. *Improve on the uniqueness: the little guy. Maybe put more tasks on him, like upgrading and repairing towers, or responding to some emergency somewhere else (along with upgrades to make him more effective).
Play Zombie Madness Zombie Madness Mar. 24, 2012
Zombies are disappearing during play after they got shot... Getting stuck in stages because of this. Looks like it could be fun game once this issue is fixed though.
Developer response from loz220

Is this still happening for anyone? specialistol tells me its fixed for him/her, if you're still getting this issue pm your browser,flash version, and os. Thanks.

Play The Suspense The Suspense Mar. 13, 2012
It is very frusturating to switch to a time and land on the spikes instantly. I like the idea, but needs work. Maybe other times should still be visible, but in some faded form?
Play CalcuDoku Light Vol 1 CalcuDoku Light Vol 1 Feb. 25, 2012
Good puzzle game. One suggestion: next puzzle button after a puzzle is complete (this has been a consistently ignored feedback in all your games). Also I'm looking forward to harder puzzle sets.
Play Zomgies 2 Zomgies 2 May. 27, 2011
Inception meets zombies.
Play Hack Slash Crawl Hack Slash Crawl Mar. 04, 2011
Developers, please stop using this music in your games. Or at least give a mute music option without muting sound.
Play Shadowreign RPG Shadowreign RPG Dec. 23, 2009
Lost the NPCs in the second town, preventing any game progress. This game has potential, but there ara too many bugs. Rated 1/5. will update when the critical bugs are fixed.
Play Bulwark 53 Bulwark 53 Mar. 11, 2009
The character gets stuck on south HQ exit. Non-original but OK idea, very poor implementation.
Play Globetrotter XL Globetrotter XL Feb. 28, 2009
Nice game, but inconsistency does kill it. Some problems: 1- Very inconsistent in city selection. Both difficulty and randomness is questionable. I've got certain cities 10 times in 15 games. 2- Very inconsistent between levels. I get a total of 20 KM difference in first 3 cities (lucky streak), bringing me way over the target, but still the next level I have to get 750 in that level, regardless of how good I did in the previous. This makes the "level" concept of this game completely useless. Either fix make it so that the extra score carries over, or, just get rid of levels, and ask a series of, say, 50 cities and keep a total score.
Play Dungeons of Sordorath! (updated). Dungeons of Sordorath! (updated). Feb. 18, 2009
It's be much better if "Vision scroll" could be used without getting it into a hand. It's just an annoyance. Since the scroll pauses the game anyway, why not just bind it to "m" key?
Play Super Stacker 2 Super Stacker 2 Feb. 08, 2009
Play Alien Police of the Chronic Fellow Alien Police of the Chronic Fellow Sep. 16, 2008