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Play The Picnic The Picnic May. 26, 2015
wow... a game with gert wilden music. I'm fan of German Library music, so : 5/5
Play Badfloo Badfloo May. 25, 2015
too hard !3/5
Play Earn to Die 2: Exodus Earn to Die 2: Exodus May. 23, 2015
wow, i can win every stage without turbo.... TOO EASY. But fun. 4/5
Play Meteorite Ride Meteorite Ride May. 16, 2015
nooooooo, the end is so disapointing. I WANT DESTROY THE WORLD!!!!
Developer response from ElCodo

Haha... if i ever make a game in which you have to destroy the Earth,i will PM you. ;)

Play Marshmallow Saga!! Marshmallow Saga!! May. 07, 2015
pure genius 5/5
Play Office Jobs Office Jobs May. 07, 2015
this is the best real life simulator i've ever played in my entire life.
Developer response from Meeww

Thank you :3

Play Sushi Catapult Sushi Catapult May. 01, 2015
i can't reset progress; 1/5
Play We're not ants ! We're not ants ! Apr. 26, 2015
can't access to second era. frustrating
Developer response from Plopix

This as been fixed, but HTML5 updates on Kong may take a very long time to be published. Try clearing your cache, it may help, but it will erase your saved game. At start menu you should see "version 1.3" at the bottom right corner, if not, you're not playing the latest version.

Play ZomBugs ZomBugs Apr. 24, 2015
too easy, no upgrades... really? this is a girl game?
Play Bystander Bystander Apr. 21, 2015
i survived.... i'm A SURVIVOR! 5/5
Play Execution Execution Apr. 19, 2015
seriously??? 1/5
Play Skincraft 2 Skincraft 2 Apr. 19, 2015
shitty! 1/5
Play Lamb Chop Drop - Make A Wish Foundation Lamb Chop Drop - Make A Wish Foundation Apr. 19, 2015
donate your score..? Mouahahahahaha! NEVER!
Play Hapland 2 Hapland 2 Apr. 18, 2015
sss... ssssss... sssssssstolen game!
Play Ruthless Pandas Ruthless Pandas Apr. 17, 2015
At last, a decent game on Kongregate. 5/5
Play Mouettes Mouettes Apr. 16, 2015
my personal best : 2.
Play Shape Fold Animals Shape Fold Animals Apr. 13, 2015
this game deserve a badge.
Play Party Hard Party Hard Apr. 11, 2015
this game is pure genius, and i'm surprise that it's not badged yet.
Play FlyingHeart FlyingHeart Apr. 09, 2015
Play Monster Getaway Monster Getaway Apr. 09, 2015
even better than evolve. incredible gameplay! 5/5