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Play Shearmageddon Shearmageddon Jul. 18, 2015
boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring! 1/5
Play Mustache Attack Mustache Attack Jul. 11, 2015
Mustachism = 5/5
Play Guess Countries: U.S. States Guess Countries: U.S. States Jul. 09, 2015
who cares about U.S ? 1/5
Play Kongregate Nerd Gets Some Booty Kongregate Nerd Gets Some Booty Jul. 08, 2015
Pure genius, as usual! 5/5 for Papercup, the God of Game Making.
Play Europact - The Tsipras Contract Europact - The Tsipras Contract Jul. 07, 2015
defeating Germany is always a pleasure.... believe a connoisseur. 5/5
Play Dump Truck 3D Racing Dump Truck 3D Racing Jul. 07, 2015
no upgrades? do you believe we lives in 20th century yet?
Play SuperMechs SuperMechs Jul. 07, 2015
Stolen game, moron! 1/5
Play Project Restoration Project Restoration Jul. 06, 2015
too much bugs.... bye bye. 1/5
Play The Timed Maths Quiz The Timed Maths Quiz Jul. 04, 2015
a math quiz is not a game. 1/5! what do you expect?
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jul. 04, 2015
Moon : 100 x laser reached. Feel powerful!
Play HareLaunch HareLaunch Jul. 02, 2015
rocket + gatorpower = goal reached. too easy! 3/5
Play Steampunk Odyssey Steampunk Odyssey Jul. 02, 2015
Play The D-Team The D-Team Jul. 02, 2015
moar! 4/5
Play Robotics Factory Robotics Factory Jul. 01, 2015
finish! but why no moustaches for this robot ? only 3/5 for lack of moustaches.
Play Purple Guy The Night Guard Purple Guy The Night Guard Jul. 01, 2015
not offensive enough. purple guy should rape this jew children.
Play Into the Clouds Into the Clouds Jul. 01, 2015
"this is a test game". Sériously? we are not your beta tester army. 1/5
Play music euphoria music euphoria Jun. 30, 2015
wow... there are no goals! i want a goal! 2/5
Play Markiplier and the faceless (Fan Game) Markiplier and the faceless (Fan Game) Jun. 30, 2015
you don't understand what 5/5 means, or...
Developer response from NetaCoperation

Ingore this and the Huge mustache comment please

Play Markiplier and the faceless (Fan Game) Markiplier and the faceless (Fan Game) Jun. 30, 2015
don't you see the huge moustache ?
Developer response from NetaCoperation

there one fan i'll never get back

Play FishFish FishFish Jun. 30, 2015