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Play Iron Man GO GO GO Iron Man GO GO GO Mar. 30, 2015
good for when you need a quick iron man fix, but it really isnt worth playing ,uch. great programming skills, just crappy game mechanics
Play Enigmata: Stellar War Enigmata: Stellar War Mar. 29, 2015
how are we supposed to use the skills we spent the gold on to buy?
Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers Kingdom Rush Frontiers Jan. 11, 2014
the stargate in level 2 is cool but i wish it did something besides just fizzle out
Play Dynamic Systems Dynamic Systems Jan. 04, 2014
right clicking doesnt fix anything. game not loading
Play Yepi's Journey Yepi's Journey Jul. 22, 2013
i gad a weird freeze when i tried to cut enginges in level8
Play Shine Wars 2 Shine Wars 2 Feb. 17, 2013
in terms of game mechanics its very good. the graphicson the other hand need definate improvement. i had to stop playing before the tenth level because the faces are disturbing
Play Gem Spinner Gem Spinner Feb. 17, 2013
nd the othersuggestion i have is altering the rotation of the pieces to allow quarter turns instead of just flipping the pieces
Play Gem Spinner Gem Spinner Feb. 17, 2013
as it stands this is in fact a damn good game. 5/5 as my "official" rating. i do have the standard gripes like the graphics could be a little more polished but that would be more a concern for porting this over to console gaming as opposed to browser based, (like the xbox live or playstation network) and some sort of power up like area bombs etc like one finds in other games but overall this is a very solid game. thanks for making match games interesting again. there is a new benchmark.
Play Band Of Heroes Band Of Heroes Feb. 16, 2013
ocasionally freezes but nthat may be my computer. overall out of all the developers i see on kongy armor has the best games out there. this one could actually port overto playstation pretty well withe a bit of graphics overhaul but damn good for a browserbased game
Play CellCraft CellCraft Feb. 07, 2013
an ameoba's dna is hundred of thimes longer than the platypus?
Play Qoosh Qoosh Jan. 21, 2013
great game. very challenging yet very easy to play. whoever did the dialoge is a sick twisted freak and should be congradulated!
Play Professor Phileas Meriwethers Minuscule Airship Adventure Professor Phileas Meriwethers Minuscule Airship Adventure Jul. 03, 2012
fun fora few minutes after that its just for hard core achievement addicts
Play The Pirate The Pirate Jul. 03, 2012
was slightly let down once i saw it was a corporate release but still good game
Play The Pirate The Pirate Jul. 03, 2012
overall a good solid game. obviously various bonus and powerup could be added depending on the direction and feel you want to have but as a base game it is, animation etc are all damn good. now you just have to make it more replayable
Play Prismatis Prismatis Nov. 08, 2011
oveall good damn game. addictive as hell once you catch on
Play Mechanaught Mechanaught Sep. 30, 2011
over all good game. had a hard time with controls but thats user issue and not game problem
Play Every 60 Seconds Mobile Every 60 Seconds Mobile Jun. 01, 2011
the game itself sucks various forms of ass, and in multiple techniques for each form of hindquarters, but ur programming skills are excellent.
Play Pel Plus Pel Plus Jun. 01, 2011
great concept. i dont like the game only cuz i cant get past three targets but the game itself is damn good. maybe its just the mobile interface and it would play better on a pc. will try on my sisters laptop later today.
Play Vector Runner Mobile Vector Runner Mobile Jun. 01, 2011
sorry bout last comment regarding freezeup at game over. hadnt read about flash update conflict with game yet.
Play Vector Runner Mobile Vector Runner Mobile Jun. 01, 2011
pretty good overall. running a first gen moto droid and game plays with no lag at all. at game over experience serious lag and even freezing for up to several minutes but game itself is awesome. add bonuses/powerup/weapons PLZ!