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Play Idle Tree Idle Tree Jul. 25, 2014
i really don't like idle games and wouldn't miss a thing if there where none, but this one i actually make me play it for a while and all because of the pixels. yay! didn't like the idea of hitting on threes tho..
Play Life is hard Life is hard Jul. 20, 2014
a death counter would be cool
Play Billy Makin Kid Billy Makin Kid Jul. 20, 2014
a big fullscreen option would be helpful
Play Lumberjack Lumberjack Jul. 17, 2014
probably more annoying that flappy bird
Play Lovecraft Word Search Lovecraft Word Search Jul. 17, 2014
love the idea but needs to be prettier
Play Dragons and Titans Dragons and Titans Jul. 11, 2014
i don't like that switching from fullscreen to window. please allow me to play fullscreen all the time. it's annoying
Play Crazy Monster Rider Crazy Monster Rider Jul. 10, 2014
you could make the games end after second checkpoint, there is nothing more to upgrade/collect/achieve anyway.. 2/5
Play Zombie Defender Zombie Defender Jul. 10, 2014
there is no game or it doesn't load
Play Minion Kart Minion Kart Jul. 10, 2014
needs an upgrade system, rewards for finishing first place, better handling, etc. please look what options does other developers put into their high rated race games and involve that in each new race game. don't fall behind in quality and publish half done games
Play Good Morning and Die Good Morning and Die Jul. 10, 2014
the game is actually pretty easy to play but that countdown is pushing the thrill. i guess without the countdown and dramatic statement *you will lose if timer runs out* the game would be not as exciting as it is right now. 3/5
Play Glitch Lab Glitch Lab Jul. 10, 2014
PS: coins are worthless!
Play Duck Hunting Duck Hunting Jul. 07, 2014
played this some 20 years ago.. didn't like it then and for sure i don't like it now.
Play marble game marble game Jul. 07, 2014
since referring to marble madness with the pic, you should upgrade your game to something similar. the movement and controls are good, but the camera needs some improvement. some music and sounds would be appreciated. more levels and a timer. actually everything like in marble madness since it was a perfect game and you need to measure things based on it.
Play Hidden Crystals Of Deep Earth Hidden Crystals Of Deep Earth Jul. 05, 2014
it's just a nice small time waster between two game sessions, nothing new or outstanding. 3/5
Play Cosmic danger Cosmic danger Jul. 04, 2014
flappy rocket. come on..
Play GoKartGo! Ultra! GoKartGo! Ultra! Jul. 04, 2014
very nice design, challenging ai, good kart handling. needs a multiplayer mode and a shop to buy stuff
Play Stunt Mania Stunt Mania Jul. 01, 2014
i would like to see some esthetic upgrades, maybe adding some color to background or different bikes. other than that i liked the game
Play Ninja Assassination Ninja Assassination Jun. 30, 2014
arrows are displayed as movement keys but wasd are used to move!? did i miss something?
Play Labyrinth: Secrets of ShadowHaven Labyrinth: Secrets of ShadowHaven Jun. 27, 2014
would be great to have some info on equipment before you pick it up.
Play Freaky Run Freaky Run Jun. 27, 2014
no upgrades, just one character, no way to sped money.. well this game is outdated