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Play Swarm Simulator Swarm Simulator Feb. 21, 2015
Larva cloning is what this game is all about. Seriously if you want to upgrade fast, don't be greedy, stock up your larvae in cocoons until they reach the maximum cloning capacity, and you'll have a streamlined supply of larvae until the end of the game just by pressing the clone button. I know it's tempting to blow them to buy those tasty queen-of-queens-of queens but seriously don't do it. Get your larvae up first, and then you'll have all the queens you ever wanted xD
Play Coffee Clicker Coffee Clicker Aug. 27, 2014
These wheel chances are a complete joke. The developer is obviously tampering with the probabilities on a wheel that looks perfectly fair, so I have no qualms about resetting it. When the wheel is about to land on black, close the game window, and reload the game. Since your progress is saved automatically, your money will stay the same.
Play Peacefree Tactical Warfare Peacefree Tactical Warfare Jul. 31, 2014
I really appreciate the effort put into this rework of Peacefree, I see lots of improvements on the mechanics, for example I really like the fact that some actions that were previously a bit tedious (selecting soldiers for each mission and having to send a gazillion missions at once) have been greatly simplified by the searchpower/firepower/techpower mechanics. I really think the game needed this kind of simplification. Good job!
Developer response from helgravis

Thanks strategyfan!

Play Creeper World 3: Abraxis Creeper World 3: Abraxis Jul. 01, 2014
Finally, they invented the Guppy. Rescue missions made easy :)
Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Jun. 10, 2014
An energy system? A limited number of lives that refill every hour? Really? Generally I rate games like that 1/5 without even looking any further. Since Obliterate Everything is one of my favorite series I just won't play that one and I'll simply hold on to my complete disappointment.
Play Zombies Ate My Motherland Zombies Ate My Motherland Jan. 03, 2014
An immortal Soviet brown bear guarding my home? Awesome! Where can I get one?
Play Hyperpath Hyperpath Nov. 28, 2013
I would have liked to see an ultimate race of enemies with a really powerful special power. Most of the special powers are annoying but not especially powerful (typically Findra and Movoo annoy you a lot but can't make you lose). The "triple damage to neutral planets" is the most powerful ability in my opinion since it allows them to dominate the map early.
Play Detective Grimoire Detective Grimoire Nov. 20, 2013
Books! I'm sure this in a vital clue and Mandy is covering up something. To anyone else it would be just 6 books lying on a counter and a chick who likes reading, but I'm a detective so you can't fool me with such an obvious ruse ;)
Play Like Vampire Like Son Like Vampire Like Son Nov. 18, 2013
I object to the game's logic : smashing the little girl's head with a sewer lid so I can steal her ball is a perfectly working strategy :)
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 15, 2013
Where the heck can I buy a mana potion? There are so many mana problems in the late game...
Play MoMiner MoMiner Nov. 12, 2013
The music makes running out of fuel sound so tragic ;_;
Play Diggy Diggy Nov. 11, 2013
This game in a nutshell : screw solar energy, buy a nuclear battery.
Play Steampunk Tower Steampunk Tower Nov. 06, 2013
It's a shame that all these towers are not really that useful ; you can make your way through the whole game with only lightning and saw guns. Like many TD games, it has the flaw of having a strategy that boils down to low damage AOE gun + high damage single target gun.
Play Rebuild 2 Rebuild 2 Nov. 02, 2013
With names like Megan Cox, Sweety Wang or "Quickdraw" Johnson, I sometimes wonder if I unknowingly unlocked some hidden porno mode ;)
Play Rebuild 2 Rebuild 2 Nov. 02, 2013
"Giant" city size in impossible mode is completely unplayable. I won't even say it's hard, because when you have 700 surrounding zombies on day 15 giving 90% threat even with everyone on duty you know that you can't win. Did I mention that I started with 5 survivors with all their stats at 10 using the helicopter from a previous city? It seems that the spawn rate of zombies in this mode is compleyely off the charts. If someone manages to win in that mode he can PM me so I may welcome him as a physical God.
Play i saw her too, with lasers i saw her too, with lasers Nov. 01, 2013
Hint : for figure 12, you need to use the push-button 5 times. For figure 21, you need to use the left push-button only once.
Play Captain Nutty Captain Nutty Oct. 30, 2013
The squirrel moves so slowly, it feels like it is swimming in gelatin. Never thought that one of the world's most agile animals imbued with flying powers would be stiff as a brick :)
Play Road of the Dead Road of the Dead Oct. 30, 2013
Attention John Crisman, this is smart general Sherman speaking. I understand that you want to get out of here, I can't blame you for that. However the city is quarantined, we can't let you escape in your car because you could be infected and spread the disease. Let me make you an proposition. You will stop your car now, surrender to us, and the helicopter will take you to our rally point. There, you will be detained for a few days to check you for infection. If you're clear, then you'll be free to go wherever you please. You could also stay with us and fight. We need people like you.
Play Pre-Civilization: Stone Age Pre-Civilization: Stone Age Oct. 22, 2013
Bug : when you build the megalith first and then research religion, you don't get the +125 people bonus.
Developer response from clarusvictoria

Thanks, we'll look into it.

Play Bit Battles Bit Battles Oct. 22, 2013
If you're having trouble with the spearmen, it's perhaps also because you've had very bad luck and never had the opportunity to increase their defense above 1, and they get murdered before you can push anything. And of course you can't win any battle with them so you can't level them up anymore. So frustrating -_-