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Play Cave Story Cave Story Jul. 14, 2013
Taking a free-to-play game and slapping ads on it, not cool man.
Play Detective Chess Detective Chess Dec. 10, 2011
Play Brain Train Brain Train Apr. 03, 2010
since when does 1x13 not equal 13?
Play Semantic Wars Semantic Wars Aug. 08, 2009
when the word is 12 or more letters it doesnt matter howmany letter you press, you'll always make a profit
Play Platformer Demo Platformer Demo Feb. 09, 2009
you made this, but you dont know how to go to the next frame? :S
Play grow island grow island Jan. 14, 2009
stolen, you awfull person !!!
Play Square2Ball Square2Ball Jan. 04, 2009
deeppurple, tnx for the report, it was fixed :)
Play Bubble Struggle2: Rebubbled Bubble Struggle2: Rebubbled Jan. 04, 2009
stolen !
Play Funky Ball 99 Funky Ball 99 Jan. 01, 2009
is this game stolen :S?
Play a kongrete chat room thing a kongrete chat room thing Nov. 29, 2008
did you have to fking steal that animation. please just leave....
Play Splitter Splitter Nov. 04, 2008
check out this lucky shot :D
Play mazey game mazey game Oct. 18, 2008
i see you already disabled the use of tab button. the keycode for right mousebutton is 2 :)
Play mazey game mazey game Oct. 18, 2008
for a first game it is not bad, add something so the right mouse button cannot be pressed and the tab button cannot be used(no cheating), add levels, ad better grapics, make the lines wider so i cannot move through them. maybe some sounds or music would be nice (a mute button included) also never use "first game" as an excuse, let the people give critisism. they may say its crap, and you may agree. but some people will give good advice (especially after your games have gotten a little better). don't use excuses like this because it takes away from peoples real opinion! and if you really want to make some good games you need their opinions.
Play light-Bot light-Bot Sep. 21, 2008
202 commands :)
Play PiClimber UpFree PiClimber UpFree Sep. 14, 2008
how about 1 where you have to get the highest score, instead of the lowest :D
Play LinkBallz LinkBallz Sep. 14, 2008
clearly not*
Play LinkBallz LinkBallz Sep. 14, 2008
the basic concept of this game is the same as that of boomshine. all the differences you list are minor and do not qualify this game as original. if you have thought of this game seperate of boomshine then its to bad for you :(. but either way, it has been done be4 (im not saying this game is bad because it is clearly now).
Play Feed Me! Feed Me! Sep. 12, 2008
f*cker !!!!!
Play crab fishing crab fishing Sep. 06, 2008
5/5 :D
Play Double-Wires Double-Wires Aug. 30, 2008
this game is stolen ! from this website: