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Play Q - Compressing the Heart Q - Compressing the Heart Jul. 18, 2013
I really wish there were more of these games. It was a really wonderful game. I enjoyed it a lot. It was kinda funny when he ripped that one guy's eye out.Wish it was longer and a little bit more challenging. 4/5
Play All Drugged Up All Drugged Up Jun. 19, 2013
Play ChatChat ChatChat Jun. 11, 2013
I hate it when people always impersonate people on this game. Its getting annoying. Like people impersonate youtubers and other people who play this game.
Play ChatChat ChatChat Jun. 04, 2013
Dont you people realize hes not going to make a new one or add anything to this game.Hes probably forgoten about this game. If you want a new one then make it yourselves or find somone who could and have them make it. He hasnt been on in forever and the last update was over a year ago.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Feb. 11, 2013
This game is the best game ive ever played on the computer. Its wonderful. I love the music and the art and the little jokes in it. This game is just a great game to play.
Play ChatChat ChatChat Oct. 19, 2012
It will never be updated again. We are just posting coments and asking to make this game better for nothing. It makes me sad that a good game that has so much potential gets forgoten about. This game will just get less popular. Most people ive met on this game have gone and left it to play another game. This game is going to become so much less appreciated for what it is. This is suicidiisfun1 posting my last comment about this game.
Play ChatChat ChatChat Sep. 15, 2012
Ive given up on trying to get the creator to make new things for the game. Hes obviously not going to. This game will probably not get any more popular and not any better. I still wish he would add more stuff but until he does this game is probably going to loose some players. After a while you just get bored and dont want to play anymore. Hopefully hewill but i dont think he will upgrade the game any time soon. But i will still enjoy it even though its getting really boreing.
Play ChatChat ChatChat Sep. 08, 2012
Ive been playing this game too much. It is really getting boreing. I wish there will be new things in it soon or i probably will stop playing... well i might stop playing.
Play ChatChat ChatChat Aug. 17, 2012
Hmm interesting
Play ChatChat ChatChat Aug. 12, 2012
Hey cool two of my coments are on the Best coment spot. I feel special... no i dont i feel average.
Play The Company of Myself The Company of Myself Aug. 10, 2012
This is one of my favorite games ive played on kongregate.Such a good story and game. Its sad and it has good music to go with it. I wish there were more games on kongregate like this. I like games like these. Hopefully i can find more like this game.
Play ChatChat ChatChat Aug. 10, 2012
I hate it when im trying to collect mice and i loose connection on chatchat. I hate that especialy when i have a lot of mice.
Play ChatChat ChatChat Jul. 27, 2012
I hate it when im the only on playing chatchat sometimes. It is boreing.
Play ChatChat ChatChat Jul. 19, 2012
the people in the house must be dead because no one opens the door and they wont let you in.
Play ChatChat ChatChat Jul. 18, 2012
I only go on kongregate to play this game. I need to stop playing this game or i will become one with the game.
Play ChatChat ChatChat Jul. 17, 2012
why do the "z"s on the cats,when your nappig, sometimes pink and not red?
Play ChatChat ChatChat Jul. 17, 2012
i know a secret to getting mice really fast but its not a cheat
Play ChatChat ChatChat Jul. 08, 2012
nvm that was a troll its not comeing out! that ass hole fooled everyone! But none of them belived me when i said they were lieing ! i hate TROLLS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Play ChatChat ChatChat Jul. 08, 2012
Chatchat 2 is being added a leave button, a pool room, a shop, and a zombie room! Search up Chatchat 2 on google and play now!
Play ChatChat ChatChat Jul. 08, 2012
Cats are better than dogs in my opinion